Companies with multiple locations have long been searching for effective solutions to deliver their inventory to their retail locations and efficiently store the excess inventory in warehouses or storage closets. For the last decade, Monster Bins has been working with these companies to help provide them with solutions that will increase efficiency, revenue, profit and customer satisfaction while decreasing errors, debt and missing inventory/parts. When your company decides to finally improve their existing storage and display solutions, Monster Bins is the only company to turn to.

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The results are in and iPads and tablets are here to stay in the classroom – and for good reason. According to a study by the University of Irvine medical school, students who use iPads for educational purposes score 23% higher on national exams compared to students who don’t use them. With the increased use of these devices in classrooms comes a new problem: safely storing and transporting them between classrooms. Luckily there is a simple, affordable answer: Monster Bins.

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If you are in search of some storage solutions to help organize your home, you should look into the various types of wire shelving units that are available.  Wire shelving is both decorative and functional. The shelves are available in a huge variety of different sizes, ensuring that they will fit perfectly into whatever space you have in mind.

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Parts Storage Solutions

5/5/15 9:45 AM

If you have worked in industry before it is very likely that you encountered what are popularly known as shelf bins. Sometimes called part bins or cabinet bins, they generally are 4, 6 or 8 inches high and they are quite durable. These bins provide a highly versatile and portable type of storage, usually for small parts. They are also available in various different sizes, shapes and colors.

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Similar to other kinds of plastic bins and containers, stackable bins are versatile, durable and work well as both storage and display fixtures. Similarly, just like other varieties of bins, you can find them in different sizes and shapes.

However, stackable bins and containers have an extra punch...

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Office Storage Solutions

3/3/15 9:58 AM

All types of businesses require organization in order to function efficiently and effectively, not to mention to expand and grow. From files and paperwork, to invoices and inventory, everything needs to have a place. If these items are not controlled and organized, they will soon result in a cluttered space that...

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