Monster Bins Makes it Affordable for Schools to Store their iPad, Tablets, and Other Electronic Devices

The results are in and iPads and tablets are here to stay in the classroom – and for good reason. According to a study by the University of Irvine medical school, students who use iPads for educational purposes score 23% higher on national exams compared to students who don’t use them. With the increased use of these devices in classrooms comes a new problem: safely storing and transporting them between classrooms. Luckily there is a simple, affordable answer: Monster Bins.

Students Using Ipads and Tablets

A Tight Seal is Essential to Properly Store Electronics

Apple has programs available where they work with school districts to supply them with the Ipads for students.  As schools are making significant investments in the latest technology, they have been turning to Monster Bins to protect those investments. There is nothing more damaging to electronics than water. Remember that this doesn’t have to mean an entire bucket of water soaking iPads or tablets – it can also include humidity working its way into them. A lid with a tightly fitting seal will protect technology from spills, humidity and even damage caused by objects falling directly on them. Monster Bins provides reliable plastic containers and totes that won’t corrode, won’t rust, and are not affected by chemicals. In fact, they’re completely waterproof and perfect for storing electronics.

Monster Bins Has Found the Right Solution for Many School Districts

The more technology is added to the classroom, the more important organization becomes. This is difficult to accomplish if you don't have a system in place or you just stack supplies on any empty counter or desk. Monster Bins has been providing school districts with various different plastic storage bins that are specifically chosen based on each school district's needs. Schools have been choosing different colors so they can color-code their supplies and know exactly what’s in each bin and which one belongs to which class.

We Make it Easy to Transport Electronic Devices from One Classroom to Another

Some teachers request mobile storage bins and containers so they can easily transport their supplies and tablets. They may be a teacher who uses several classrooms and needs to move their teaching supplies and electronics from one to another, or they’re a teacher who shares iPads and tablets with another class or department. One popular example are stackable plastic bins, which allow teachers to quickly and easily organize items of all shapes and sizes.

Plastic Bins and Storage Containers Make Sense for Many Purposes

Monster Bins has containers for virtually any type of classroom and any type of need – from the latest tablets and well beyond. Schools use them to:

  • Safely store books
  • Securely store calculators
  • Get classroom supplies out of the way
  • Declutter your classroom
  • Separate the work of one class from the work of another class
  • Make it simple to pack up and move from one room to another
  • Easily tote your work home and back

Do You Need Help Finding the Right Storage Solutions?

We’re proud to be working with more and more school districts every day to find the right storage solutions for the increasing number of tablets, iPads, and other electronic teaching aids. It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed as you browse the hundreds of options. With numerous colors, seemingly endless sizes, dozens of shapes and a wealth of materials to choose from, you may not even know where to start. The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in storage, because we are! Contact Monster Bins today and let us help you select the perfect storage bins, shelving, and more.