Ideas for Using Stackable Bins & Containers

Similar to other kinds of plastic storage bins and containers, stackable plastic bins are versatile, durable and work well as both storage and display fixtures. Similarly, just like other styles of storage bins, you can find them in different sizes and shapes.

However, stackable bins and containers have an extra added benefit: These items can be stacked on top of the other containers! This helps you make the most out of the space you have – regardless of how much space it is – and even create convenient and attractive way to display merchandise to customers.

If you are interested in using storage bins and/or containers with lids but are not really sure how to use them, consider the ideas below. One of these ideas will certainly help you get started using these plastic storage bins for whatever needs you have.

Use Stacking Bins to Display Small Items & Accessories

Small items such as lighters, eyeglass repair kits, manicure sets or miniature sewing kits, and travel sized hygiene items fit perfectly in stackable bins and are the best merchandise choices for floor rack displays and countertop displays in convenience stores, grocery stores and gas stations.

Use Stackable Plastic Bins and Containers to Display Candy

Clearly, candy displays are essential for candy stores. Additionally, candy displays are excellent additions as well to almost every type of business. Retail locations such as gas stations, toy stores and grocery stores can benefit from these displays, as can other types of businesses like restaurants, hotels cafes and motels.

If you would like to use stackable bins to create candy displays, ensure that you pick wrapped candies. While it is easy to pair accessories, for instance aluminum or plastic scoops with almost every type of bins, stackable bins don’t have lids, meaning they don’t provide extra protection from debris and dust. However, when candy is wrapped, you will not have to worry about extra protection.

Storage Bins for Candy

Use Stackable Plastic Bins to Display Hair Accessories

Stackable bins are great ways to display hair accessories such as barrettes, ponytail holders and headbands. At times these hair accessories may arrive on cards or with some tools that help you be able to display them, but when they don't, feel free to organize and display them in stackable containers.

Note that such bins also work well in displaying other kinds of accessories such as costume jewels. Bracelets, rings, and pendants are all great merchandise choices for stackable bin and containers displays.

Use Stackable Plastic Bins to Display Craft and Hobby Items

Craft and hobby items such as buttons, beads, small containers of sequins or glitter, sewing needles, knitting needles and spools of thread are perfectly sized for display in stackable bins and the bins help you organize otherwise hard-to-manage, small merchandise.

Use Stackable Plastic Bins to Display Novelty Toys

Small novelty toys, and other children's toys such as yo-yos, bouncy balls, figurines and plush stuffed animals, work well in these containers. Undeniably, children are mostly "hands on" when it gets to toys, so for safety reasons, you should use stacking bins on low countertops so that children can easily access their toys.

Stacking bins won't crack, peel or break. They can be small; thus, don’t need the self-space of larger bins, and they allow you to make the most out of your display space by putting them vertically rather than horizontally.

Stacking Bins for Toys


Use Stackable Plastic Storage Bins for Retail Business

Every retail business can benefit from adding mini stackable bins into their displays, but you may find that if you are in one of the businesses below, they will solve most of your display concerns.

Hardware Stores

Stackable bins are great for some of the small items hardware stores sell. Hinges, screws, seed packets, nails, hooks, battery, small tools, and many other small items can be efficiently and neatly stored in these bins.  In fact, if you walk into your local Home Depot or Ace Hardware store, you will notice that they use stacking bins for to hold and display their hardware.  Clear stacking bins are also very useful in all types of stores so customers can easily look & determine if the product they want is there.

Storage Bins for Hardware

Stacking Bins for Fast Food Restaurants & Convenience Stores

In convenience stores, stackable containers are ideal for holding small stuff at the food counter, such as ketchup, creamer, plastic forks and spoons, sugar packets, napkins, straws, coffee stirrers or fountain cup lids. They are a great choice for this space since they are waterproof and cannot be damaged in a spill. Stackable storage bins are also great for the checkout counter, where they don't take up a lot of space, but can display add on items such as gum, mints, key rings or matchbooks.

Bins at Checkout Counter

Stackable Bins for Restaurants

Office Supply Stores

Offices supply stores, such as Office Depot, have lots of small items that might make shelves cluttered and even get lost or damaged if they are not put into a storage bin. Stacking bins are perfect for these items. Packets of post-it notes, pens or pencils, highlighters, small boxes of paperclips, jump drives, staples or rubber bands - any of these can fit into one of the stackable containers. Few individuals can resist a new pen or a nice sticky-pad staring them in the face as they are paying at the checkout counter.

Clear Stacking Bins for Office Supplies

Stackable storage bins and containers are affordable and useful, for small spaces and make a perfect addition to your storage needs.  They come in various types, sizes and colors. So, whatever your business, when you are planning your displays, consider using these stackable containers. It will be one of the greatest investments your business ever makes.

Storage Bins for Trucks


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