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Clear Tip Out Bins

from Monster Bins

These clear tip out bin units are perfect for organizing and storing your small to medium sized parts, regardless of what industry you’re in. The flexibility of Tip Out Bins provide you with the ability to customize your own system to meet your specific needs. These are routinely used in Dental Offices, Hospitals and all Healthcare Facilities. There are 13 different sizes available.

The tip out portion of these bins is clear which makes all contents of these bins easy to identify. The clear tilt out portion opens to a 45 degree angle and can be completely removed for easier access and in order to refill or replace the bin. The handles have slots for labels, making part identification even easier.

Tip Out Bins are very easy to clean using soap and water. The housing unit that holds the clear tip out bins are made of Polystyrene and can be either stacked or wall mounted. Monster Bins carries the frames and rail systems that allow you stack these on top of each other. The tip out bins slide easily on and off of these frames/rails.

The housing is available in Gray, Ivory or White. The cups are clear. Optional dividers and locking rods are available. Call us for help configuring the perfect setup for your office.

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