Monster Bins Dividable Grid Boxes and Containers: The largest selection of Dividable Grid Containers and Boxes, at the lowest prices.  Optional lids are available for these dividable grid containers as well as length and width dividers.


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from Monster Bins

Dividable Grid Containers are commonly found in use in industrial & electronic settings, as well as commercial and healthcare environments.  Dividable grid boxes serve a number of different purposes, including storage, assembly, fabrication and distribution. These Grid Boxes provide you with the most efficient and safest way to compartmentalize and protect parts, small to large.   Create individual compartments inside of each container using the length and width dividers.  Grid Boxes and Containers are available in 3 colors, as well as clear and ESD Antistatic.    

These dividable grid containers are manufactured and designed with length and width divider slots at 1-1/8” intervals. Dividers allow you to create little compartments within the container’s interior to meet your extact needs.

The dividable grid boxes can stack on top one another, with or without the optional covers. Containers and covers are available in Blue, Gray and Red. Covers are also available in clear. Dividable Grid Boxes are also available as ESD Conductive, Antistatic totes.

Why are grid boxes the best option for you?

No matter what you need to store, grid boxes provide you with the most options and protection that your parts deserve. The heavy duty walls and optional covers protect unwanted pests and contaminants from entering your grid boxes and interfering with your parts. You can use one grid box for multiple different parts since they can be divided into multiple compartments.