Monster Bins Medical Storage Bins and Containers:   Monster Bins is the leader in storage solutions for the healthcare industry. Whether you need medical storage bins or cabinets for the hospital, pharmacy or doctor's office, we have the largest selection of medical bins & narcotics cabinets available. We have a low price guarantee & we accept purchase orders.  We have various sizes of Chrome Wire Shelving Units and Shelving Units with Bins.


Medical Bins from Monster Bins

Plastic Storage Bins that are commonly found in Hospitals, Doctor’s offices, Pharmacies, Surgery Centers and all Healthcare facilities are called Medical Bins. Medical Bins are available in multiple colors as well as clear. Medical storage bins are used to hold important medical supplies, tools and inventories safely. Hospitals and Pharmacies use our Storage Bins to keep track of important parts and supplies in supply rooms and exam rooms.

If you work in a hospital or a doctor's office, you probably already know that medical bins are critical. You can’t have your facility unorganized and cluttered. It makes patients feel uncomfortable and makes your staff less helpful. When you use Medical Storage Bins in your office, your staff will immediately increase their efficiency and also lower their rate of errors or mistakes. Using Monster Bins for your medical parts storage is the first step in organizing your facility and maximizing your staff’s efficiency. This will lead to improved patient care and service.

In Healthcare settings, medical bins are typically used on a shelving unit or a counter-top. Medical Parts Bins can be nested inside of each other when they are empty, allowing you to keep the hospital looking clean and not waste valuable space. Our Medical Bins are the most economic option for your supply room. Stackable Medical Bins are more heavy duty and can be used as stand alone bins, stacked on top of each other, on a shelving unit, or hanging from a louvered panel or rail. These bins are typically used to hold medications as well as important customer information and files. Both styles of medical storage bins have slots for dividers, allowing you to easily create compartments within the bins. In just about every pharmacy and healthcare facility, you will see plastic storage bins and containers being used. The most common way that medical bins are used in these facilities is in supply rooms, closets and behind counters to store, transport, protect and carry medications and supplies.

If you’re looking for narcotics cabinets, we have a massive selection. Some of these lockable narcotics cabinets have a clear window on the front so you can easily see what’s inside of them. You can use these cabinets anywhere from the supply room to the lab or operating room. They are perfect for storing narcotics or any important medical supplies.

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