Monster Bins Plastic Storage Containers:  We have the largest selection of Plastic Containers, Tubs and Totes, at the lowest prices.  Plastic Containers are made in different styles: Stack & Nest, Attached Lid Containers & Totes, Tubs & more.  Most of these styles can be purchased as containers with lids.


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These Plastic containers, totes and tubs are heavy duty, reliable and reusable. They are made of high-density Polyethylene that complies with USDA & FDA regulations, making them ideal in a food processing or restaurant setting.

Our Plastic Tubs are ideal in a food processing or restaurant setting as well as for manufacturing and transportation. They can hold up to 100 lbs.

Monster Bins Plastic Containers and Totes provide easy access to items when stacked. They will not crack, rust or corrode, and are very easy to clean.

Attached lid containers and totes are heavy duty and are used in many different industries worldwide.