Plastic Shelf Bins from Monster Bins

Plastic Shelf Bins are the most economical way to organize & store your parts.  These are commonly referred to as Parts Bins because they are perfect for all kinds of parts, tools or supplies.  Looking for shelving for your bins?  View our Shelving Units for shelf bins or our complete packages of Wire Shelving with Bins or Steel Shelves with Bins 


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Monster Bins Plastic Shelf Bins

Why Choose Plastic Shelf Bins from Monster Bins?

Monster Bins' Parts Bins, also referred to as Plastic Shelf Bins, are the most economical replacement and alternative to cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. Monster Bins' shelf bins are a tough and heavy-duty storage solution. They will not get worn out from constant use like cardboard and corrugated boxes & they nest inside of each other when they're empty. They have label slots on the front.

Who uses Shelf Bins?

Shelf Bins are used in warehouses, hospitals, pharmacies, offices and even in the home. These are the perfect solution for storing your parts regardless of industry. Our Shelf Bins are used to store: auto parts, aviation parts, warehouse parts, school parts, retail parts, hardware parts, screws, nuts and bolts, plumbing parts, electrician parts and many others.

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