ATTN: Plumbers, Electricians, and Contractors: You Need Storage Bins

There you are in your back office looking for that 1-5/8 inch pipe cutter so you can get on your way with the tools needed for your plumbing job, but the problem is that you have no idea where it is.  You thought it was in the little box full of various pipe cutters, but it’s gone. You rummage through some other boxes and drawers only to wind up empty handed.  Scratching your head and mumbling under your breath something about your coworkers never putting things back, you wonder how in the world your storage room got to be such a mess.  If only there was some sort of organization system that could be implemented, maybe you’d have an easier time finding the necessary tools.

Introducing The Perfect Solution

The good news is that there is indeed an invaluable and versatile storage and organizing solution for not only your office, but any workplace, including your garage or van. Whether you are a plumber, electrician, or any kind of general contractor, it only makes sense to be sure that your supplies and materials are well organized so that you can walk into your storage area and know right away where the tools you need are. I’m sure you can relate to the fact that misplaced tools, gadgets, and supplies can cause you to become quite frustrated and lose valuable time.

The best approach to sort and group your supplies, tools, files, and other accessories is to use an assortment of plastic storage containers and bins. Using these bins is actually an ideal way for you to label and sort your parts, tools, and supplies since it will be easy for you and other technicians to access, use and return the necessary parts.

Portability of storage bins

Storage bins are preferred in most work places due to the fact that they provide you with the ability to transport all of your tools.  Also, the size and durability of these bins gives you the much needed portability that grants you the opportunity to rearrange and relocate your materials with great ease. The containers are available in a variety of styles such as stackable, nesting shelf bins, dividable grid boxes, container & tubs, attached lid containers and many more.

Organization Counts

Once you determine the appropriate size and design that you are going to use to secure your tools and supplies, it is now time for you to set your priorities right. Not everything in your workplace comes first. Organize your storage bins based on how frequent you will need certain supplies. The highest shelves should be designated for only those that are rarely used while the lowest is for the common materials.

When it comes to ideas for arranging your storage bins, feel free to hire a professional organizer if you feel you cannot perform the job effectively. You may even know someone at your place of employment that tends to be efficient when it comes to such tasks.  The more efficient, the less time people will spend looking for materials, so go with your best option- even if it will cost you a little money.

Long-term storage

For contractors that need long-term storage solutions to organize and protect their stuff, steel cabinets will protect them against harsh temperature and humidity variations. Steel cabinets with heavy duty storage bins can keep your supplies safe all year round.

Office supplies

You can also store office supplies like paper, writing utensils, receipt books, and the many assorted other things that you keep in your office. For example, if you are in need of shipping tape so you can tape a package you have to mail, if you’ve got a small storage bin or drawer labeled with “shipping tape”, it will only take you a moment to find the tape.  You may use assorted styles and shapes of bins and drawers as you organize your office as efficient as possible.

It’s time to make the change

The good thing about changing over your storage area to an organized space is that you will only have to do it one time if done correctly. Sure, you may add things or take things away over the years, but for the most part your storage area will probably remain the same.  As you think about making the change, know that the time put into the effort up front will be worth it, because over time it will save you time, which eventually leads to saving you money as well. You have full permission to go ahead and eliminate clutter in your working area and take the important step of purchasing storage bins to compliment your business by organizing your supplies. You’ll be glad you did!