Storage Bins and Shelves for Displaying Products in Retail Stores

The retail business is an extremely competitive and cut throat business to be in, where everyone is always looking for an extra edge that sets them apart from their competitors.  With the proper planning, display and storage solutions, a retailer can increase its profitability and productivity, while reducing common errors and confusion.  The proper storage and display solutions will also help free up space that the retailer never even knew they had.  Ease of shopping and reduced errors are keys to keeping customers happy and coming back.

Retail stores turn a profit by selling the products that they have the largest margin on.  Therefore, it is critical that the proper items are stocked and displayed in a strategic way.  No money is made by carrying the inventory, and that just causes you to waste valuable storage and warehouse space.  Making sure the most profitable items are easily found by shoppers is critical, but it also helps reduce time needed for employees to organize and find products when needed.  Retail workers will also be able to easily see and notice when inventory is running low and can easily replenish the stock or at least place an order for more of these products to keep in stock.

The most economical, efficient and helpful way for retail shops to increase their profits is to improve their display and storage configurations.  The most helpful way to do this is to use a variety of shelving units and plastic storage bins and containers throughout the store.  Setting up shelving units allows you to display more products to shoppers walking through the store.  The higher the shelving unit, the more shelves it can fit, and the more shelves that it has, the more products that can be displayed.  To make this even more useful, you can fill the shelves up with plastic bins that will help you keep the products neatly organized and easily located.  Regardless of what kind of products you sell, the goal should be to get more items on the sales floor, and starting shelving units full of storage bins is the most economical and efficient way to accomplish this. 

Shelves with Bins

When it comes time to select the proper shelving units, make sure you opt for something that is easily adjustable and can hold all of the weight you intend to place on the shelves.  The number one choice for shelving solutions in retail shops is chrome wire shelving, which is industrial strength.  Each individual shelf can hold roughly 400-600 lbs.  These shelving units come in different heights, depths and widths so there is definitely a size for each section of your store.  You can add as many shelves to each unit as needed, and you can even put them on wheels to give you a mobilized shelving solution.

Selecting the proper storage bins for each shelf is critical for many reasons.  You want the products to be easily accessible by customers who want to just walk by and grab something.  Therefore, you should use either stackable storage bins or shelf bins.  Both styles of bins have an open front so you can simply stick your hand in, grab whatever you need and keep walking.  Another benefit of both stacking bins and shelf bins is that they are available in many different colors so you can easily color coordinate your store or products.  Employees are much more helpful to shoppers when they can quickly help locate certain products, and if all they need to know is which color bin to look for, they can help customers within seconds.  When customers are happy with their experience in your store, they are likely to become repeat shoppers.

When it comes to items that are not yet ready to be put on display, these same shelving solutions and storage bins will work perfectly in your warehouse or storage closet and help you easily store and locate all products.  When you setup racks and shelves, you create so much more space because you are getting boxes and products off of the ground level.  By using storage bins on these shelves, you are easily able to locate and replenish stock that is depleted in the store front.  Also, when customers place orders for large items that aren’t available in front of the store, it is easy for warehouse workers to quickly locate and pull the correct items.

Warehouse Storage Racks with Bins


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