Storage Solution for Independent Contractors

Independent contractors, as well as most small businesses, are constantly searching for innovative ideas for their storage issues. Landscapers, electricians, handymen and plumbers have a wide variety of items that require safe and effective storage solutions. Each of these businesses need storage for supplies, materials, equipment and tools, to help secure them from vandalism and thieves. Even event planners and caterers require simple and effective storage solutions. 

Storage Containers and Bins Can Help

The storage solutions that one chooses should be based on optimizing efficiency and organization. All businesses function optimally when the materials and flow are properly organized and easily accessible. It is extremely frustrating to be late for a job because a certain wrench or saw is buried in an unknown location at headquarters. Proper organization and placement of all tools and supplies in labeled plastic storage containers eliminates this dilemma.  This also applies to the front of any office. It is important for efficiency purposes to be able to locate files and invoices within a few seconds. Spending time searching for lost items drastically reduces profits. As the old adage goes, time is money.

Ways They Help

There are numerous items available for storage purposes which are durable and portable.  Some of these include heavy duty plastic storage bins, containers, and tubs. Many independent contractors have their industrial work truck or vans stocked full of plastic containers.

Plastic bins & containers can prevent and combat many workplace issues like the following:

- Disorganization: Lost hours spent searching for required materials and tool.
- Lost hours are also spent traveling back to headquarters because someone failed to pack that which was required.
- It generally takes twice as long to use a make shift tool instead of the proper one to accomplish tasks.
- Hours are often lost due to return work to fix errors committed with inappropriate tools or materials.
- Many hours are spent tacking and rounding up equipment when there is no organization or cleanup system in place.
- Tools or supplies which are not properly stored are often damaged and must be repaired or replaced.
- Contractors’ reputations can be dramatically and irrevocably tarnished by unprofessional sloppiness.


As mentioned above, a great place to start is with the trailer or vehicle the required items will be stored in. It may be necessary to renovate this and, in some cases, this means actually gutting it. It is essential that both the outside and inside looks professional and organized. It may be necessary to create a list of tools and supplies which must be kept on hand at all times. The next step is to determine what sizes and how many storage bins will be required. Knowing what and how these will be used will not only increase efficacy, but save money and time.

Storage Bins in Truck

Long Term Storage

The reason that many independent contractors prefer storage bins, is they offer transportability for all of their equipment. The available sizes, shapes, and durability allows for systematic and professional organization of many different types of supplies. Some examples are nesting bins for shelves, grid boxes, which are dividable, and durable totes with lids. These are also great for long term storage, as the plastic is durable and protective.


While designing your storage systems, determine what tools/supplies will be utilized on a daily basis and which are not necessarily routinely required. Keep these latter items stored high on the shelves in the transport vehicle. This is so they are out of the way, but they are readily available.

Make the Purchase

One great aspect of equipping your business with a functional and efficient storage system is that you only need to set this up once. After the implementation, this systems only needs to be followed. Contractors may discover small ways to streamline efficiency further; however, for the most part, the original system will probably be there for years. It is time to get with the plan. Do a little window shopping online before making purchases, then go get everything required to transform your business into an effective and efficient workforce that is maximizing its potential.

Monster Bins for Vans