Storage Solutions for All Offices

All types offices require organization in order to function efficiently and effectively, not to mention to expand and grow. From files and paperwork, to invoices and inventory, everything needs to have a place. If these items are not controlled and organized, they will soon result in a cluttered space that overtakes the workplace environment.

A commonly preferred solution to clutter issues are plastic storage containers, baskets, bins and shelving. These must be reliable and sturdy, while also being affordable, especially in the case of startup companies. There are all sorts of containers with varying colors, styles, shapes, and sizes which are available on the market today. This makes some solution available for just about every type of business need.

Identify Business Needs First

Properly organized storage dramatically increases productivity, while decreasing inaccuracies, mistakes, and downtime. While this is an element that can benefit all forms of businesses, regardless of type or size, the actual needs vary from company to company.  Storage and organizing plans should be specifically designed around the unique needs of each office. That which works for one company, may not work for another, even if they are exactly the same type and size.

It is important to consider what each unique business requires and create a list for it. It is a good idea to ask employees for suggestions during the process. All of the suggestions do not necessarily need to be implemented; however, these should be taken into consideration. This information is coming from those who deal with these matters on a daily basis. They work in the same environment, with the same materials every day. Materials and supplies should be tidy, but should also be readily available and easily accessible. When these items are piled everywhere and difficult to locate, productivity, as well as employee morale, will quickly decline. 

Identify the most urgent requirements first, but list them all. It may be necessary to implement those critical aspects first, and then slowly introduce the rest progressively. Determine that which will be needed to organize each section to optimize productivity. For example, you may want to start with what is required to file, organize, and tidy up all of the company’s paperwork.

Try to determine how best to situate all of the products for quick and easy access. It is important that while making these decisions, you create a method which will result in a smooth flow through the work day in order to keep the area organized and functional. Some businesses may require only storage bins and containers. Others may function better with shelving, while some will require all of the above. It is also vital to determine where these storage containers and shelving will be placed.

Advantages of Shelves and Bins

There are numerous benefits to utilizing storage bins, containers, and shelving, which applies to any type of business, especially startups with limited space. 

  • Design Space Where It Is Lacking; organizing the clutter of excess items into storage racks and bins produces large amounts of safe, clean work space. In many cases, it creates more room for additional products and supplies, which greatly impacts expansion. It is essential that all companies maximize any space that is available.
  • Increase Efficacy; organization allows employees the room they need to function at maximum capacity. They will know the exact location of all materials and supplies that are required to maintain an efficiently run business. Many owners also incorporate a labeling system to assist new employees in locating items. In many cases, this is helpful for veterans who are simply in a rush as well. Fewer hours searching means more production hours.
  • Eliminate Safety Hazards; clutter effectively creates several types of safety hazards from personal injury, to fire risks. Utilizing storage bins and a labeling system eliminates many of these dangers. It is important to note that while employee safety should be a priority, lawsuits from personal injury can result in high deficit. Certain types of businesses allow tours for children and educational purposes. Clutter poses an extreme threat to their well-being.
  • Reduce Shrinkage; one of the number one goals of businesses everywhere is to eliminate shrinkage. It truth, it is nearly impossible to actually eliminate shrinkage altogether; however, it is possible to drastically reduce it. Most all businesses suffer from loss due to lost or damaged items, and stolen products, materials, and supplies. Consolidating these articles into functional spaces can prevent them from being lost in never-land, as well as being damage by neglect.

A Fully Organized Office

Every section and aspect of a company should be considered for proper organization. Once the physical products are neatly tucked into clear plastic storage bins, move on to the office portion of the company workspace. These same elements may be used to design an optimally functioning office. It is vital to know exactly where products are located; and it is just as critical to be able to locate client folders, invoices, and orders. Employees must know what product is for which client, or once again productivity pays the ultimate price.

Think of break rooms and bathrooms when considering which areas would benefit from plastic storage bins and shelving racks. Every section of a business has a function and should be properly stocked with well-organized supplies. There are several items which a bathroom requires; from toilet paper and paper towels, to cleaning supplies. These must be easy to locate and simple to access.  They should not be sitting around piled up creating unsightly and unsafe clutter. This applies to break and/or lunch rooms as well. Employees must be able to store their lunches, access them and prepare them easily; without clutter in the way. It should be a place to relax and recharge. It is vital to productivity that employees are satisfied and happy.

The initial investment of time and money may seem large; however, purchasing plastic bins and racks to implement a well-planned organization plan will result in optimal productivity, which will pay you back down the road.


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