Shelf Bins - Small Parts Storage Solution 

If you have worked in industry before it is very likely that you encountered what are popularly known as shelf bins or parts bins.  Plastic shelf bins are generally 4, 6 or 8 inches high and they are quite durable. These bins provide a highly versatile and portable type of storage, usually for small parts. They are available in various different sizes, shapes and colors.

Whether at home or at the office, we always try to keep important items neat and organized. Most of the times we know where to place different home items. Clothes stay in dressers and closets, books go on bookstands/bookshelves, while pans and pots are put in cupboards. So, what about the smaller bits and pieces? Whether you put them on a book shelf or shove them in drawers, they end up looking messy. Also, it becomes difficult to find an item you need whenever you need it most. By adding shelf bins to your shelving or drawers, you will create a more organized environment, which will help you save yourself from a lot of stress & headaches.  It's never fun having to search for items such as paper clips, twist ties, thread and other household items.

Shelf bins are containers that can simply be slipped into any shelving unit or a drawer. They come in a various colors and sizes to suit any given room. They may come with their own shelving unit or they can be bought on their own to fit into your storage spaces.

So, what type of environments would benefit from using Plastic Shelf Bins?

1. Machinery/Vehicles

Mechanics certainly know what a shelf bin looks like and many use them on a regular basis. There are many small pieces of equipment such as bolts, nuts and small engine parts that could all be stored in shelf bins. Available in many sizes, the open front part allows for clear identification of contents.

Add a few shelf bins to existing storage shelving in the garage and you will have somewhere to put all your screws and nails, being able to categorize them by size.

Monster Bins Shelf Bins

2. Storerooms and Warehouses

Shelf bins are usually used in companies’ warehouses that sell small parts and goods. Shelf bins will help workers in the warehouse because all similar products are placed in bins in specific warehouse sections.  When an order is placed for one of these items, and the workers need to pick it from the warehouse, it's very easy to find and this will reduce errors and returns and unhappy customers.

If you have worked in a stock room you may have seen many different screws, lots of steel fixings. It is evident to say that without using shelf bins, this stock room can get out of control quickly.  Having a shelf that is full of pre-labeled parts bins will simplify your daily workload and allow you to spend more time focusing on what's really important.

Monster Bins Parts Bins in a Warehouse

3. Industry and Factories

Similarly to storerooms, shelf bins are also used extensively in industrial sectors and particularly in factories. Smaller containers can be found on processing lines as workers carefully choose from different small parts components as they build the latest microwave or television, making them very useful in the environment.

4. Shops and Retail

Perhaps not rather as readily used in most shops but however, smaller shops and outlets, and even some areas of the supermarkets often find shelf bins an ideal way of storing lots of goods. Transparent bins are great for prompt identification of items, making it ideal for visual inventory and retail stores.

5. Homes

Plastic Shelf Bins are a must have for around the house.  Using shelf bins, or parts bins, in your bathroom, kitchen, garage, playroom, basement or anywhere else around your home will help reduce clutter, stress and confusion.  When you are organized at home, everything in life becomes easier.  You waste less time and have more free time to take care of what is absolutely necessary.  You may find plastic shelf bins in various places in different homes. Especially where there are kids, these bins are often used to keep children’s school projects materials in an organized manner. They are as well very worthwhile not only for DIY projects at home, but also for storage in offices.

A small investment in economical plastic shelf bins and/or parts bins is well worth the money.  After all, there is a price to pay for happiness and quality of life, and since shelf bins will make so many areas of your daily life easier and less stressful, it's well worth the price.

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