Warehouse Storage Solutions

4/30/14 10:13 AM

Storage Solutions for Warehouses

Proper application and efficient utilization of storage solutions in a warehouse is fundamental for a company’s success. Not only does it ensure that the warehouse employees are able to prioritize their work, it also makes their work more efficient. The proper storage solutions and techniques will also help make sure that customers get their orders on time, not before or after the specified date. Whether it is the Ebays or Amazons of the world, or a 40 person start up retailing company, smart and effective storage solutions are making them more efficient and profitable than their direct competitor(s).  

Warehouse Storage Solutions

Limited Square Footage

In a standard warehouse, space is both important and very limited. You need to make sure that each square foot is properly used to its fullest and optimum capacity. The space utilization/storage efficiency ratio should be maintained to be streamlined and to make work flow continuous. Any abrupt bottlenecks will ultimately lead to slow-downs, which will lead to disgruntled customers.

Color Coding

Color coding your products is not just for aesthetic purposes. There is more than meets the eye, in terms of color coding them. For starters, in a busy warehouse environment, color coding can become a universal language, where work place communication becomes simplified and easier to comprehend.  On the flipside, verbal communication is dependent upon an individual’s understanding and leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding and guess work. Visual communication cuts out the clutter to minimize errors or misjudgments. Therefore, it is necessary that warehouse operations be color coded, specifically in terms of storage solutions.

Shelf Bins

Shelf bins are a great way to ensure proper space and storage management.  They provide versatility, access and organization in one neat package. In warehouses, shelf bins are ideally suited for small to medium parts and products. There are a wide selection of shelf bins to choose from, depending upon your needs and wants.

Shelf bins will help maximize work place efficiency by making sure that your parts, supplies and inventories are not scattered all over different sections of the warehouse. If you color code and coordinate these shelf bins properly, it will lessen the odds of human errors.  Shelf bins are designed to fit any size shelving unit and they are made with divider slots so that each bin can hold multiple types of products.  When empty, shelf bins can be nested inside of each other to conserve valuable warehouse space.

Shelf Bins for Warehouse

Stackable Bins

As the name suggests, these plastic storage bins are meant to be stacked, but can also be used individually or be hung from a panel or rail. The flexibility of stacking bins makes them the perfect solution to any storage problem a warehouse could experience. They are made of 100% non-toxic materials that will not degrade over time. They are also extremely durable and robust. All warehouses are different, and that’s why our stacking storage bins are available in many different sizes and colors.

Stacking Bins for Warehouses

Shelving Units and Racks

If you’re short on space why not build your storage vertically instead of horizontally? Shelving units provide a quick and effective solution in this regard. Wire Shelving and Steel Shelving help increase available storage since you are no longer keeping everything on the floor. Shelving units are available in multiple sizes and configurations, and can even be put on wheels so the entire rack is mobilized. 

Shelving units can be purchased in a complete package with specific storage bins or you can customize your rack to have a specific amount of shelves and specific sizes of bins.  Using shelving units reduces clutter and helps fill orders timely and efficiently. 

Shelving Racks for Warehouse


No matter what products you are storing in your warehouse, the proper solutions and techniques will help maximize profitability and efficiency, while reducing errors and time wasted.  If you are looking to improve the way your warehouse operates, give Monster Bins a call. We’re happy to help you configure your warehouse with the most helpful and cost effective solutions.


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