6 Places to Conceal Your Storage Containers

When you ask people what they use for storing items in their home, answers may vary from person to person. However, a very common answer is going to plastic storage containers. Yes, they are durable and reliable, but what do you do with them once they are packed full? Some people may think the containers will use up valuable space, but we have 6 places to share that will help you neatly organize all of your storage containers and keep them out of sight and out of mind. Give these spots a try when organizing your home with storage bins and containers & keep them in mind when shopping for storage solutions.

Best Places To Store Your Plastic Storage Containers

Here are the 6 places to keep your bins, containers, totes or tubs. Some you may have already tried, while others might be fresh new ideas to try out. See what works best for you and your family.


The garage is probably the most ideal place for storage. While it is the place many people keep 1 or 2 cars, there is usually room along the sides for additional storage. It is an area in the home with very little foot traffic and has space to stack upward towards the ceiling. If your garage ceiling is high, even better! Aside from that, most keep their garage free from mites and insects because, of course, their car is parked there. This makes it a safe place for your belongings.  Additionally, heat and moisture are present in garages due to the weather and opening door, but your bins will conveniently keep these elements from penetrating your items. Just make sure to secure them closed!

Storage Containers for Garage


Your closets are primarily designed to store clothes and other stuff that do not need to be used every day. Whether you are using a hall closet or a bedroom closet, your things are safe when they are tucked behind these doors. Storage containers can take closet organization to a whole different level. You save more space when using them and keep stuff far more orderly. Without them, it is very easy to just end up throwing items into closets, which can end up making things hard to find and damaging them. Necklaces and socks may be entangled with your hair clips and headbands. Clothes may have tears because the pins punctured them too hard. With plastic bins, you can label the outsides with whatever each contains and stack them up. Then, when you come looking for certain items, you will easily know which bin it is in.

Storage Bins in Closet

Storage unit

This may not be very popular in other parts of the world outside America, but this is a very useful option if you cannot really find any available space in your home. You can rent one of these spaces and take your containers & totes there. It is very important to understand that you should refrain from using cardboard boxes because storage units are still subject to leaks and moisture. The safest is always the plastic boxes, which are sturdy, solid, and impenetrable.

Toy room

Kids have everything from Legos, to markers, to card games. These can get all mixed together which makes them hard to use and find. While this is common in most households, it doesn’t have to be, there is indeed a better way. Allow them to sort their toys (likely sorted based on how frequently they get used) and put them in designated tubs or containers. Use colorful totes and label them so that they will enjoy cleaning up after they’re done using them. Once they are placed in the toy room and kids want to play with another set of toys, they can just look through the containers and know which one has the toys they are looking for. It is good to teach kids about organization as they grow up, and teaching them this early on will be beneficial for both you and them in time.

Toy Storage

Living room

Yes, you read that right. While at first thought you may say that the big old plastic bins will not be a pleasant sight in the living room, you may change your mind when you browse the selection that is available. You’ll find that there are those that are designed for the living room, which are often covered in thick, nice fabrics. Some others are made from shiny wood that can be a great accent to your sofa or couch and which do not really look like storage containers. How awesome is that? These can make for a perfect living room accessory.

Under the bed

Who often looks under the bed? Besides the fact that it is uncommon for friends or guests to go into your room, most will not be peeking under the bed. That makes this space perfect for hiding storage boxes. If your bed is low and has a little space, then you can opt for smaller storage boxes.

With these 6 ideas, surely at least one will work for your storing your storage solutions. You can no longer say that storage bins and containers do not have a place in your house. You just need to be resourceful and imaginative to neatly arrange them at home. After all, it would be a terrible waste to have to throw away things because there is no place for them when all you need to do is realize that plastic bins are the solution. Always opt for heavy duty and reliable storage containers and be confident that your items are protected, organized and ready for use.