Storage Solutions for Schools and Universities

A Monster Bins guide for improving storage techniques and efficiency at educational institutions...

America’s schools, colleges and universities are constantly struggling under budget constraints.  With tighter budgets, high construction costs and limited floor space, educational institutions are increasingly seeking out ways to work efficiently, while minimizing expenses.

In the world of storage, we find a wide variety of solutions and techniques that schools can employ to maximize their available floor space & in turn, their efficiency.  Utilizing the proper storage solutions such as bins, containers and shelves will go a long way to make certain that both students and teachers are more organized.  These economic yet effective storage solutions can double the storage capacity of any room in the school.   By following these simple to implement guidelines, administrators can greatly enhance the storage capabilities in any educational facility.

Using color coded storage bins will help the school maintain inventory easily.  Whether the supplies being stored are for the administration office or janitorial supplies, using different colored containers will make locating the necessary supplies easier.  Using the proper storage bins will also help teachers store textbooks, gym supplies and arts and crafts supplies.  Just imagine the school’s storage closet being full of color coordinated bins and containers.  You walk in and immediately know where everything is located.  Need janitorial supplies?  No problem, just grab the red containers.  Looking for administrative supplies, such as staplers and dry-erase markers?  Now you can simply grab one of the blue bins and find everything you’re looking for.  These plastic bins are all available in different sizes and colors, providing you with a solution for whatever you need to store and organize.

Library Storage

If there is one thing educational institutes have plenty of, it’s books. Despite modern day migration to digital format, there is no shortage of books in paper form. Transporting books between facilities or classrooms has never been an easy task, until now.  Now when books are being returned, simply have them placed in an attached lid container that is lockable, stackable and easily transportable.  The attached lid containers and totes are heavy duty and can nest inside of each other when they’re not being used.  Since these containers can be locked, they are perfect for safe transport of high value books, manuscripts or maps. These containers are available in various colors, making them a perfect way to separate books by their content. Other options include semi-clear containers, allowing backup copies of books already on shelves to be safely stored. Molded wheeled dollies are available, manufactured specifically to move these containers while not only filled with books, but also stacked on top one another for additional space saving

Containers for the Library

Teacher and Student’s Record Maintenance

While these days everything is automated to enhance efficiency, schools should keep paper records as a backup solution.  While this may look redundant to some, if the computer system fails, handwritten records are the only option to revert back to.  Stacking bins make an ideal solution for holding paperwork such as: attendance record sheets, grade records, important parental information records in case of any medical emergencies and the likes.  When coupled with proper labeling and color coding practices, theses stackable plastic bins and totes will act as an effective and cheaper solution, compared to an expensive record keeping software program.  That’s why plastic storage bins will improve any school’s record keeping procedures.

Stacking Bins for record storage

Food Related Storage Needs

In order for a school or college’s cafeteria and kitchen to work at their optimum performing levels, creative storage techniques are required. FDA approved tubs and containers will help you achieve that.  Plastic tubs and containers are perfectly suited for kitchen specific needs. They are made from 100% non-toxic materials so you can store all your vegetables, meats and other produce without any concern that any contaminant will affect the food.  Storing dry and packaged foods and drinking items such as cans, bottles and the likes will make sure that teachers and students serving lines are streamlined by minimizing and saving time on restocking them again and again.    

Tubs for the cafeteria

Athletic Equipment Storage

Whether you’re looking for a solution that will work alongside the lockers in the locker room or want to store practice gear and equipment such as footballs, hand gear, helmets, guards, school jerseys etc., heavy duty storage containers and bins are the best option for you.  This will allow the coaches and the students alike to find their desired sports gears and equipment with ease.  When it’s time for football practice, the coach can simply grab a few of the bins that are holding the football supplies.  When it’s time to play soccer, the coach can simply grab the bins with the soccer balls and shin guards and bring that out to the field. 

Containers for athletic equipment

When you need to improve efficiency at your location, whether a large university or a small pre-school, using the proper storage techniques and solutions should be your first change. When your students and staff are not wasting time trying to locate supplies, more time can be spent focusing on teaching and learning.  When that happens, it’s a win-win situation!

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