Companies with multiple locations have long been searching for effective solutions to deliver their inventory to their retail locations and efficiently store the excess inventory in warehouses or storage closets. For the last decade, Monster Bins has been working with these types of companies to provide them with solutions that will increase efficiency, revenue, profit and customer satisfaction while decreasing errors, debt and missing inventory/parts. When your company decides to finally improve their existing storage and display solutions, Monster Bins is the only company to turn to.

The struggle to find the perfect inventory solution

There are many challenges a company encounters when they try to find solutions to their shipping, storage and retail display needs. The traditional options that many companies still use are no longer the most economical option out there. It’s common that companies simply stick with what’s worked for decades, without considering new, more cost effective, alternatives.

Inventory Storage Solutions from Monster Bins

Cardboard and corrugated boxes are the solutions of the past

If you surveyed most large companies, you’d find that many continue to use cardboard and corrugated boxes in their warehouses. The issues that are encountered when using cardboard are:

-   Both the initial and replacement costs are high
-   Cardboard boxes are easily damaged and need to be constantly replaced if they get wet, damaged, ripped, or even too dirty.
-   All cardboard boxes look the same, which makes it challenging for companies to quickly know which parts are located in which boxes

Cardboard Boxes in Warehouse

These issues with cardboard have led savvy & successful companies to Monster Bins to find a high quality and long lasting solution for their retail and warehouse storage needs.

Companies are turning to Monster Bins to solve their inventory storage needs

When it comes to delivering products to retail locations, and storing those products at their destinations, Monster Bins provides an endless variety of solutions. Our plastic shelf bins come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and are able to be used with dividers and labels. Monster Bins Shelf Bins are commonly used in conjunction with shelving units (wire or steel). They make life easy for warehouse workers because they help prevent:

-  Parts from being scattered all over the warehouse
-  Parts laying on the ground
-  Confusion and errors in order picking. Workers can use a color-coding system, making it easy to quickly find what they’re looking for
-  The need to replace them after use. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic bins can be used again and again

Monster Bins' Shelf Bins are perfect for a warehouse setting, especially since they are water, rust and corrosion proof.

Bins for Warehouse

Monster Bins are suitable for use on the shelves of retail stores

Companies are not just turning to Monster Bins for help with their logistics and warehouse storage needs, they also use our plastic bins directly on the shelves in their retail locations. When headquarters needs to ship products to a specific location, using Monster Bins is fast & efficient since the bins can  be filled with products, shipped to the specific location and then simply placed right on the shelves as they arrive.

Retail stores find many advantages to using both shelf bins or stackable bins, including:

-  Retail bins offer a high level of neatness, cleanliness, safety, and sanitization
-  Products can be neatly stored and organized
-  Customers can easily find what they’re looking for
-  Dividers can be used to store many different products within the same bin

Monster Bins on Shelves

Plastic bins stay out of the way when they’re not in use

Yet another reason our customers benefit from using plastic storage bins is due to the fact that many models can nest inside one another when they’re empty. Companies who use cardboard boxes have two options when they’ve unpacked them: store them fully put together – which takes up a ton of space – or break them down for recycling and never use them again. Our bins can be nested and used again and again.

Now you see how large companies are using Monster Bins to provide their retail locations with inventory, as well as display and storage solutions.  Contact Monster Bins today and let us configure a customized solution for any and all of your needs.

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