Two of the main reasons for upkeep in the work environment are to prevent major hazards and create a healthy workplace which allow the business to function most effectively. Many times a few stacks of paperwork and other types of simple clutter are overlooked. These things can easily begin to become acceptable within the workplace. Blocked pathways and clutter are extreme fire and accident hazards. When they are present, the likelihood of employees tripping or falling are increased in normal work activities. As this this goes on, the work environment can become increasingly unpleasant and unsafe.

By creating an organization plan with the use of storage containers and shelves, everything will have an assigned place, which will prevent a messy environment from accumulating in the first place. With a bit of planning, handy plastic storage containers and implementation, good housekeeping within the workplace can become a reality. Don’t let the lack of organization be a stumbling block for your company. Here is how to start.

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Plan and Execute

An effective plan of action for organization consists of a well-constructed plan, the proper tools and conscientious management. The first step in getting organized is to examine the flow of the business and where all tools, supplies and inventory should ideally go. The plan should include the proper storage and flow of all materials, from the precise moment that they enter the area, until the point at which they exit. Items should not be floating around without a proper home. It is also important that functional areas within the work place are not utilized for storage. Choose a place that is out of the way for plastic storage bins and/or trays, but one that is still easily accessible.

Distribute the Plan

A routine employee newsletter should be created and distributed throughout the workplace which outlines the organization plan and where everything can be found within the plastic storage containers. This proactive step can eliminate confusion and allow for a smooth flow throughout all employees.

Managing and Inspections

Along with giving everything a specified place, it is important to insure that the workplace is being taken care of from top to bottom. In order to do that it is important to implement ongoing management and inspections. The following should be performed daily:

  • Cleanup throughout the work shift.
  • Daily tidying and organization.
  • Disposal of rubbish.
  • Elimination of unnecessary materials.
  • Management of all tasks.
  • Inspection to ensure all tasks have been properly performed.

Ensuring the proper organization and flow of supplies, equipment, and tools is an integral part of good housekeeping. It is also a good idea to create a list of inspection check points to be sure that all critical points have been considered.

Storage Categories

When organizing your bins, you will want to separate the supplies into different categories. The following areas should be considered:

  • Cleaning Supplies for all employee facilities, which includes personal storage lockers, break rooms, sales floors and lavatories. These areas must also be well stocked and equipped. Ensure that all supplies needed for these areas are stored in a designated section.  All floors; stairs; aisles; and surfaces must also cleaned and typically have their own respective cleaners. Supplies include brooms, mops and dusting supplies.
  • All lighting fixtures must be in working conditions and properly cleaned to enhance workplace lighting. Ensure you have back up light bulbs and any tools needed to replace them.
  • Paperwork- This is one of the most tedious areas to organize. However, with a proper system in place, it can become much easier. Using manila folders to sub categorize within a larger plastic storage bin. You may use multiple for previous months that you wish to keep on hand for a period of time.
  • Excess Inventory- Many times not everything can be kept in the showroom and this can be a prime source of clutter. Organize these items according to type to allow for easy access and inventory counts.

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Prioritize Cleanliness

Cleanliness is important in good housekeeping. One major reason to keep the work environment clean and tidy is for overall health, with an emphasis on respiratory health. Dust and debris accumulation in the air has a dramatic impact upon the respiratory health of all individuals. This can result in healthy employees developing breathing disorders and taking away from business productivity. It also exacerbates the conditions of those currently suffering from such disorders as asthma, CPD, and allergies.  

Last minute cleanups are not very effective or efficient. Cleaning and organizing tasks should be performed in a routine and scheduled manner. All supplies for cleaning should be organized and well stocked within the organization plan. Assign a designated storage container, labelled with the different cleaning supplies needed, so they are easy to find.


Worried about the cost of purchasing storage units? If implemented properly, it is almost a 100% guarantee that costs will be offset in the long run by the workplace efficiency, employee retainment and increased productivity. Be sure that all employees are on board with the material flow plan and that they know where to find what they need.

Work Together

In summary, good housekeeping will allow for optimal performance within a business. This begins with getting organized and creating a plan which designates a place for all items. Common items to organize include cleaning supplies, excess inventory, lighting fixtures and paperwork. These items should be stored according to their categories in storage units such as bins and shelving, which provide an ideal environment for organization. These can be color coded and kept out of the way of daily business. Once in place, it is crucial to get all employees on board with the organization plan. Designating and delegating responsibilities of tasks can be easily assigned to employees, as the supplies they need can be easily found. With everyone on board, and a plan for good housekeeping, your business can get back to business, efficiently and safely.


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