5 Ways to Use Plastic Storage Bins and Containers


From working moms, to busy dads, to adults with a lot of hobbies, things tend to accumulate around the house over time. At first you may place your things in a closet, then under the bed, but then pretty soon, stuff is packed in everywhere. This is when many people realize they need some kind of storage solution.


Being Organized Is Not So Easy

Getting organized can only help. It is really the only way to be able to manage time and space wisely. However, it is often easier said than done. While some people are very organized and do not seem to put any extra effort into it, others find it one of the most difficult tasks that life can throw at them. In fact, for certain people, it is easier to find things in a mountain of a mess than to put some organization tricks in place.

However, there is a helpful solution that can greatly help getting organized around the house. This may be a trick you use for the rest of your life and pass on to your children. Are you ready? Here we go.


Remember The Plastic Storage Container?

Do you remember them? Yes, maybe your mom always had these at home when you were young, or your school teachers. And yes again, there has always been a reason why they loved to keep those sometimes bulky storage containers. That is, of course, because they were so useful in keeping things in order so that you did not have to bump into umbrellas, kitchen utensils, and other items or be entangled in old socks and shirts.

Yes, I mentioned ‘bulky’; however, through innovation, there are now different styles, shapes, and sizes of plastic storage containers and bins that you can use. In fact, there are also those that have shiny surfaces, as well as bright varied colors. Many of them can even be placed right in the living room as they can blend into the overall theme of the house. So why are these so helpful? Here are 5 uses that can be very helpful around the house.

Storage bins and containers


What Are The Things That You Can Store In These Plastic Storage Containers?

  • Seasonal items. Seasonal items are only used during certain seasons. Therefore, they do not have to be necessarily readily available to you. You can put them in storage bins, boxes or containers so that they can keep their luster, vibrancy and stay out of the way until you need them. For example, your Christmas decorations will only be used during the Christmas season so you can tuck them away for the rest of the year in a box. When you need to use them, you can just open the container and deck the halls. This way, you are able to keep them organized and in good shape. Other things that are seasonal are pool accessories and toys, Halloween decorations, Easter decorations, Thanksgiving themed things, heavy winter blankets and jackets, and patio serve ware.
  • Kid’s toys. Kids grow and as they do, they collect quite a large collection of toys. One day, they will like to play with a certain kind and the next, they will be interested with another. So, after they lose interest in certain toys, put them in plastic storage bins and tuck them away. Label them so that when they start looking for them, it will be easier for you to pull them out. Then you don’t have to waste your time looking through several boxes.
  • Breakables. The last thing you would want to happen is for any member of your family to trip on something broken and hurt themselves. For example, if you have a new set of glasses that you will not be using except for special occasions, you might as well put in a safe storage bin to be sure. Cardboard boxes are very soft and may not retain or keep their shape through time. As a result, they might end up breaking inside the cardboard box. So take your breakables, wrap them to protect them from each other, and pack them away in a plastic storage bin.
  • Clothes. Clothes may also be considered seasonal since you cannot wear your summer clothes during the winter and vice versa. It would also be a waste to throw them away or give them away as you may still be able to wear them the next year. It is best, instead, to put them away in storage containers. This way, they will be free from molds or mildew from moisture, and will be able to keep their fresh scent. When it is time for you to use them again, you only need to wash them once and they will be ready to be worn. You save yourself a lot of money from not having to buy a new set of clothes. They will almost feel like a new wardrobe after not seeing them for several months!
  • Heavy items. Heavy items naturally need something hard and sturdy for storage. Cardboard boxes are too soft and the bottom may give way as you carry them to the storage room. You are only putting yourself and your family members at risk of getting hurt when the heavy items start falling on your feet or, much worse, your head! It also keeps them out of easy access for little ones. Examples of heavy equipment include exercise equipment like dumbbells, barbells, and weights.


Many Uses to Organize Wisely

So there you have it, solutions to keep your spaces efficient all year around. From Christmas trees, to light up pumpkins, keep your seasonal stuff tucked away until the holidays roll around. Keep heavy items and breakables stored in a safe place. Lastly, save money by switching out your active closet throughout the year, and keeping your reserve wardrobe protected and fresh. Storage bins, boxes, containers, tubs and totes will all help make a world of difference for many purposes all around the house. Shop and get the sizes you need for all the different purposes they will serve.  


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