Pull Storage Space Out of Thin Air


Ask anyone what they wish they had more of in their home and nearly all of them will tell you the same thing: storage. When there isn’t enough storage space, things get stuffed into tight spaces and items pile up on top of each other very quickly. Before long, your work and leisure spaces look out of control, cluttered, like you don’t even know how to keep your house clean!  So how do you handle it? Is trying to magically create space possible? Well, it actually is, and you have a few inexpensive options. Let’s talk about a few rooms where you’ll likely need more storage the most.

Usually, the room where you have the most storage is where you run out first – the kitchen. Countertops fill up quickly with small appliances, appliances you may not even use every day and would like to put away, yet you want them close at hand. Or maybe your dishes compete with food for shelf space.  One simple solution is a Wire Shelving System. They come in varying sizes and can be incredibly sturdy. Most are made to hold up under industrial conditions, so they will easily support a microwave, bread maker, and heavy dishes. Because they’re open, they are perfect for food storage, too. No more digging to look behind boxes and cans.

Shelving for Kitchen

Wire shelving can be dressed up to match existing decor by carefully displaying color-coordinated items like dishes or crockery. You can also use colorful storage baskets or bins to soften the look. If you’d rather hide the unit altogether, hang curtains that compliment your kitchen colors from the top shelf and attach them to the corners with ribbons. Sheets can also be altered to work as curtains.  If you don’t have enough room in the kitchen for wire shelving, think about using one in a pantry or even in the basement. You won’t miss appliances you rarely use and you’ll be glad for the extra cupboard space. You can also store bulk items and canned goods on basement shelving.

Another place where storage space can run out quickly is your office. Chrome wire shelving units are perfect for holding heavy office equipment like printers and fax machines – things that can easily eat up desk space. Scrunched and tangled cords are no longer a problem since the shelving is open on all sides. This will also help prevent equipment from overheating in a closed, tight space.  These shelves can also support reference libraries and paper supplies.  You can stack plastic bins made for hanging files on the shelves and it’s almost like having new filing cabinets. If you have to have multiple forms within easy reach, using stackable storage bins helps keep them separate and neat. Because they’re open in the front, you can quickly access whatever you need. The stackable bins also make a great addition for holding office supplies.

Bins on Shelves

Your garage might be one of the most cluttered areas in your home. It’s often the catch-all place when we run out of storage inside the house, but it comes with its own range of items in need of a home. Some people have so much junk in their garage, there’s no longer room for the car!  Heavy duty shelving will make a big difference here by taking advantage of the vertical space that’s just sitting there, waiting to be used. Use the shelves to store sporting equipment, tools, auto supplies, yard care tools and equipment, and most other things that find their way into your garage. If you’ll be storing heavier items, anchor the shelves to the wall studs to make them extra secure and keep the heaviest items on the bottom shelves.  Plastic storage containers and stackable bins can help keep smaller items on the shelving organized.

Sheds and Workshops are other places in need of shelving and storage. If you’re lucky enough to have a shed, you know they can end up being the outdoor dumping ground – home to gardening supplies, toys, outdoor games, bikes, basically anything that can’t go in the house.  If you have a workshop, it’s likely a space that could use more organization and storage. Give yourself more workspace by tucking away all those tools and supplies, keeping them out of your way, but within reach if you need them.

Wire shelving will work to give you more storage space in any room in the house. Use one in the bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. Add one to the laundry room for storing soap, softeners, and other supplies. If you don’t have enough drawer space, put one in your bedroom to hold sweaters, jeans, shoes – whatever is spilling out of existing storage and keeping you from getting organized.

Storage Shelves

Lastly, don’t discount wire shelving as functional furniture. Because they are so sturdy, they can be used to hold heavy electronic equipment and make an excellent home entertainment center. If you anchor it to wall studs for better support, a shelving unit can hold your television, home theater system, gaming systems, docking stations and speakers. The slatted metal shelves allow these high-performance electronics better circulation and cooling ability.  Add plants and knickknacks to dress it up. If you want to hide these items away altogether, attach curtains to match the room’s decor. You can also use room dividers to keep them out of sight.

Even though it may seem like your house is bursting at the seams with more stuff coming through the door every day, adding sturdy, durable wire shelving in key areas will give you lots more storage space where you need it most. Combine them with plastic storage containers and stackable bins and you’ll be amazed at how everything finally has a place. Your home and work spaces will finally be under control and clutter-free.

No matter where you are, organization is key.  Give Monster Bins a call today and we will help you select the best storage solutions for your space.  Remember, we have the guaranteed lowest prices on all of our storage bins and shelving systems.


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