Storage Bins and Shelves for your supply room:

When you’re getting ready to open up your new business, efficient storage solutions should be one of the first purchases you make.  No matter what industry you are in, or getting into, having the right style and mix of plastic storage bins and shelves will help make your operation run much smoother.  Everything from Casinos to Starbucks currently use chrome shelving units and plastic containers, and many businesses use them in multiple places.  When your business operates more efficiently, your profits increase and the business thrives.  When the business thrives you can expand and continue to grow your brand.  All of this is made easier and realistic with our storage solutions.

For many businesses, the supply room is one of the most important areas of the store or office.  After all, your customers are not coming into your store or restaurant just to say hello and mingle.  They’re coming to get what they want or need, and hopefully your supply room or closet is full of whatever your product is.  Just having the product in stock isn’t good enough.  You need to know where it is and be able to easily access certain parts or supplies in a matter of seconds.  This is why our chrome shelves have become such a popular item within stores.  Our shelves and racks help to increase your business’ efficiency while saving valuable space.  With these shelves in your supply room, you will be able to keep control and track of your inventory levels and costs, you will save valuable floor space and you will definitely increase the productivity of the employees that are using these systems.  All of this will help your business run more smoothly and will help increase your revenue and profits, and that’s what owning a business is all about.

Restaurant Shelves

After you have found the right size shelves for your supply room, the next step is choosing the proper type and size of storage bins that you will use on the shelves.  The goal is to use plastic bins to hold your inventory and supplies and then place those bins onto your shelving units.  Each storage bin will be used to hold or store a specific product and it will be labeled with what’s inside.  You can remove any bin that’s running low on inventory and bring it to your desk so you remember to order more supplies.  As soon as those supplies are delivered, fill that bin back up and place it right back onto the shelf. 

As a business owner, you are probably thinking about saving money on startup costs and storage equipment.  Well, if you go cheap the first time and use cardboard, you will be spending money on replacement costs time and time again.  A smart business owner will realize that while our plastic storage bins might be slightly higher in price than cardboard boxes, you will save money on replacement costs.  Our storage bins are heavy duty, reliable, easily washed, water proof and most importantly, they won’t get worn out after constant use.  These reasons are why our storage bins are the best and most economical alternative to cardboard.

So, when you are getting ready to design your supply room, design it with efficiency and profits in mind.  Don’t think about the start up costs, think about the money that you will be making by increasing the productivity of every employee you have.  It’s not only you and the employees who will notice the difference; your customers will be very satisfied with the level of service and speed that you get them in and out.

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