Today I’d like to discuss organization in the office.  When you have an organized office, you can get work done in a more efficient manner.  When you have a messy office, it puts you off and subconsciously makes you work a little bit less.  For this reason, it is imperative that every office maintains their organization, and for this I recommend using plastic storage bins.

Plastic bins come in a ton of different shapes, sizes, & colors.  Each style can provide you with a unique storage option that will be very helpful while trying to organize your workspace.  When you are trying to decide which storage bin will work best for your office, first figure out exactly where you plan on storing them and how much space is available. 

The next question you should ask yourself is what features do these bins need to have?  Should they have the ability to be stacked on top of one another?  Should they have slots for dividers?  Do you need the bins to be clear?  Are the materials that are going to be stored inside very sensitive, therefore requiring a cover?  All of these questions are very important when you are deciding which bins to order.  Once you have figured out which style you’d like, you can then start selecting the proper size bin.

The most common style of plastic storage bins that are found in offices are our stackable bins (first picture below) and our parts bins (second photo below), also known as shelf bins.  The stackable bins are slightly more heavy duty than the shelf bins and they also have the ability to be hung from a rail or panel.  Stacking bins are available in a huge variety of sizes, going all the way up to 42”.  Our Parts Bins are an economical solution for anyone who doesn’t need their bins to be stacked or hung.  Economy shelf bins can be used on a counter top, desk, or even placed on a shelving unit.  Both of these styles of plastic bins are made with divider slots so that you can simply separate the contents of the bins.  Also, both styles are available in clear, helping anyone who needs to be able to immediately identify what is inside of each bin.

Please see the photos below to see some examples of plastic storage bins being used in our office…

Stackable Bins for Office        Economy Shelf Bins used in an office