Has it been a bad car week for your car?  Wondering if things can get any worse?  I know the feeling.  There’s just some times when bad car days keep piling up and eventually it’s turned into a bad car week.  Well that’s how life is with cars.  Everything is smooth.  No problems.  Couldn’t be happier.  And then, when you least expect it, everything starts to fall apart.  Well that’s where I’ve been these past couple of months now and I decided to fight back!  That’s right, I’ve decided to start fixing my car myself.  It’s coming out of the shop tomorrow and I will be setting up a little do it yourself car shop.  Below I will discuss the different things that I need to get to set the shop up.

Since I have to keep the wife happy, neatness is very critical for me when doing setting up a little shop.  The first thing I will do is buy some plastic bins.  Plastic bins come in so many different sizes that the decision can be difficult.  I can narrow down the color I want, probably to match my car.  I will probably start off with some stackable plastic bins.  These are heavy duty and the stack on top of one another.  I can get a set of casters for the bottom one and mobilize the stack of bins.  They will really make life much easier when doing the labor.  These hold pretty much whatever I want.  I just have to make sure to get some big ones for the larger parts.

The next thing I will have to buy are some wire shelving units or systems.  I’m going to need to take some measurements of my garage first.  I am thinking of pretty much lining the three walls with wire shelving all across.  The height I will get is probably the 74”.  I have to figure out the exact depths and widths of the shelves that I need, and keep in mind that at times I will have to pull the car in, so I must leave some space.

After I get the plastic bins and wire shelving, my setup is pretty much complete.  All I need to do is go get the parts that I will need for the minor things I will be working on.  I definitely need to make sure to grab some safety tools.  I’m certainly not qualified to be doing this, but it ought to be fun.  Wish me luck.