Walter White Using Monster Bins <- Look at those attached lid container stacked up!

One of the most popular (and greatest) shows on television today is Breaking Bad.  Breaking Bad tells you the story of the main character, Walter White, a.k.a. Heisenberg.  Walter White is your ordinary typical chemistry teacher.  He is married and has two children.  He lives by the book and appears as straight edge as you can be.  Then, one day he finds out he is terminally ill with cancer and he loses it.  He starts to worry about how his family will get by once he’s gone, and he comes up with a plan to use his knowledge to cook the highest quality drugs in the country.  His ultimate goal is to make enough money to put his children through college and leave them with a little extra money before he passes.  I won’t get into the whole summary of Breaking Bad, as it is in its fifth season and that would take a while.  What I do want to discuss is how Walter White uses Monster Bins’ attached lid containers in his lab to store his product once it has been cooked. 

Throughout many episodes of Breaking Bad, you will see Walter White in his chemistry lab.  What most people don’t notice is the high quality plastic containers he is using to hold the product that is finished and ready to be distributed.  Heisenberg is no dummy.  He knows that you need a heavy duty, reliable container when you are moving and shipping a very valuable or important product.  That’s why he chose the attached lid containers.  Obviously, they have attached lids which flip outwards.  This helps keep whatever is inside of them safe and secure from any dust particles or anything else.  Secondly, they are stackable, and you can see many examples of Walt and Jesse making use of this stacking feature.  Another great feature is that they nest inside of each other when they are empty.  In a chemistry lab, you don’t want to have containers and bins laying all over the place, you want them neatly put off to the side until they’re ready to be used.  Using their ability to nest, you will be able to keep your area and space clear for more important things. 

Since Walt White will need to move these containers once they are full, it’s a good thing he picked these distribution containers.  They are manufactured with handles making them simple to transport from one location to the next. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what Walter White is doing, I’m just saying that at least he’s using high quality, heavy duty Monster Bins to help make the process easier.  If everyone decided to use these storage containers, everyone’s life would much easier!  If you are going to listen to Heisenberg about anything, I recommend you following his lead on storage containers!

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