Arts and Crafts are an excellent way for children to relax while still using the creative part of their brains.  While growing up, most children will have the class “Arts and Crafts” in elementary school.  It is probably a favorite of many kids, due to the fact that there is typically not much homework or hard work associated with it.  Just because Arts and Crafts is associated with elementary school, that does not mean that adults do not use arts and crafts as a relaxation method for themselves.  In the following article, I will discuss the different ways that plastic bins can help you when creating these projects.

The bins I’d like to discuss is the Tip Out Bins.  These bins are available in either Gray, Ivory or White and they have little clear compartments that tilt out.  These clear compartments make it very easy to see what is inside each bin.  When you are getting low on a particular supply, say glue sticks, you will know as soon as you look at your tilt out bins.  These bins can be stacked on top of each other or hung from wall mounted rails or frames.  The bins range from having one tilt out compartment and go up to 9 tip out compartments.  Most of these bins are 24” wide.  The heights range from 3-18” high to 13-7/8” tall. 

These bins are wonderful for kids who need to know exactly where each particular part they are using is located.  In a group setting in an Arts and Crafts classroom, everyone can just look and see for themselves what is available to them.  Now you see how kids, or even adults or teachers, can make their lives much easier by incorporating Tip Out Bins into their crafts and hobbies creations.

Adults use these Tip Out Bins as well.  These are very popular in Dental offices across the world.  Many hospitals use them too, as inventory and inventory management are vital in both of those office settings.  The cup that tilts out is easily removable if you need to re-fill it or if you break it.  If you do crack one of the cups, typically by dropping it on the floor, you can get that one cup replaced without having to buy a whole new unit.

Clear Tip Out Bins are perfect for those who are into arts and crafts or just need a great place to store their gadgets.