One of the places people hate to go the most is to the Dentists office.  Whether you have cavities, just need a cleaning, or you need a root canal, the experience is one that many wish they didn't have to go through.  You get into the exam room and you see all the tools laying out and you immediately begin to freak out.

Well, today I had an appointment with the Dentist and they quickly brought me into the room for my cleaining.  I sit in the chair and right away start looking for all of the tools that dentists typically keep out... Well, needless to say, this Dentist eased my worries when I spotted the Dental Bins (Tip Out Bins) from Monster Bins hanging on her wall.  At least I know that these dentist is organized!

Check out these photos from that i took while sitting in the Dentist's chair this morning...

Dental Tip Out Bins   Clear Dental Bins


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