When you are getting ready to open up a store or shop, you will need to decide how to best display your products to the potential customers.  If your store is messy, and all of your products are not arranged and organized in an orderly fashion, you will lose business.  If a consumer walks into your store and sees a well put together display area, they will feel more confident purchasing from you.  For the reasons mentioned above, all new store owners should contemplate using plastic storage bins and shelves in their stores.  During the next few paragraphs I’ll discuss the best types of storage bins for display in your store or shop.

The first style of storage bins that I’d like to discuss are the parts bins.  Parts bins are economical and perfect for displaying your products in your store.  These parts bins, which are also referred to as shelf bins, rest perfectly on top of any kind of shelves or counter tops.  They are great for storing and of your small to medium sized parts.  When they are empty, simply nest the parts bins inside of one another and put them away in the storage area (no pun intended) until you need to hold more parts.  You can also get dividers for these parts bins allowing you to keep more than one type of product inside of them.  Our Parts bins are available in either 4 or 6 inches high.  You can purchase them in many different colors or clear.

The next type of storage bin that we recommend for store fronts is our stackable bins.  Stacking bins are created with a rear lip on the back of them so they can also be hung from rails or panels.  Stackable storage bins are a little more heavy duty than the parts bins and therefore can be used to hold any kind of parts, small to large.  If you want to use the bins on top of shelves or counter tops, they will work perfectly for that as well.  You can currently found stacking storage bins being used in places like Home Depot and Staples, on display, to hold the screws and bolts that they sell.

We’ve encountered these types of storage bins being used in many different environments and many different industries.  Just about everywhere you go, whether you can see them or not, places are making use of storage containers.  If it improves your efficiency and your store’s look at the same time, what’s the downside?


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