To maintain order in your restaurant, Food Containers & Shelves are what you will need.  We offer containers and bins that come in a variety of different sizes, styles & colors to fit your specific application. Our restaurant supplies include Chrome Wire Shelving Units, FDA approved tubs, attached lid containers and tons of plastic bin options.

Food storage containers are necessary for anyone who likes to have an organized kitchen and we carry all of the sizes and shapes that you need to keep your food stored safely and maintain its freshness. Our selection of high quality, heavy duty plastic food storage containers will help keep your food fresh and ready to be cooked.

It is always best to keep ingredients safely stored in a sealed bin or container.  Just because the food has been made and is getting ready to be served doesn’t mean it should be left out in a hot environment.  Plastic containers with lids are the best way to guarantee that the food remains free of bacteria or any kind of contaminants.  An air tight lid can also prevent flavor or aroma transfer from one food to another. They come in various sizes and shapes so be sure to select the correct lid for your container.

Efficient storage and organization of supplies, ingredients and products is one of the largest hurdles that nearly everyone in the foodservice industry faces at some point. With so much on your mind, and so much to keep track of, from the number of supplies/ingredients that need to be safely stored to the different degrees they need to be stored in, there surely is a much more to think about and contemplate than where to place which specific item on a shelf.   Wire shelving units provide you with a simple, low cost, incredibly versatile storage system.  Restaurant shelving units are commonly used in all over restaurants, from a dry storage room to a walk-in freezer.

 Food Service Containers and Food Service Shelving Units at the lowest prices, GUARANTEED!

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