Almost everyone can use a little help getting more organized. Organizing is not something that you take care of once and never have to worry about again, it's an ongoing process. When people think about cleaning up and getting organized, they usually think about going through their belongings and throwing their old stuff away. For those of you who don't like to throw things away, we've got some solutions to help you arrange and store all of your belongings.


The first step to being organized is to make a plan. Sit down and decide exactly what you can part with and what you need or want to save. When you have an idea of what will remain in each room, you will know what supplies are necessary to get that room in order. Try and visualize what you would like that area to look like once you're finished cleaning it up. Keep in mind, each room of your home will most likely have different needs and therefore you need to visualize each room individually, not the entire house as a whole.


After you have a pretty good idea of what will be kept and what will be discarded, start separating the piles. For example, if you are trying to organize the closet in your bedroom, start making a pile of clothing that you no longer wear and will throw away, or hopefully donate to Good Will or the charity of your choice. If you are starting with your home office, start going through your old paperwork and making piles of garbage to be shredded. Do this for each and every room that you are planning to get cleaned up and de-cluttered.

Closet needs to be organized


Once the garbage (or old clothing) has been separated from the stuff you are going to keep, now it's time to start cleaning up! The first step we'd recommend is getting some shelving rack units and systems. Shelving units are available in a whole bunch of different styles and sizes. First, decide if you want to use wire shelving or steel shelving. Steel shelving is typically found in a warehouse or industrial setting so for your home, we recommend using wire. The wire shelving units (view our selection here) are available in 4 different height options. With these shelves in place, you can start to get your mess off of the floor and neatly organized. When your floor is clean from clutter, the room automatically looks bigger and cleaner. Just picture your garage with shelves lining the walls, and all of your supplies, tools, sports equipment and old valuables neatly organized on their own shelves. A) This will seriously help improve the look of your garage and B) this will make it much easier anytime you need to find a specific item in the garage.

Use these shelves to clean up