When you are in the HealthCare industry, everything you do is critical.  Your patients are your customers.  If you make a mistake, the consequences are much more critical than in most other industries.  One of the best ways to avoid mistakes is to be prepared and be organized.  When you are prepared and organized, you won’t be rushing to take care of things and in turn, you will make less mistakes.  This could help save a patient’s life!

What is the best way for hospitals to get and remain organized?  The easy answer is to use shelving racks and storage bins for all of the paperwork and supplies.  When you decide to setup some shelving units, you have taken the first step to becoming more efficient.  You can even put your shelves on wheels and be able to easily transport the supplies and files from room to room.

Hospital Shelves on Wheels

Your patients will not take this for granted.  There is nothing that people dislike more than going to the doctor’s office and having to wait for hours for the doctor to see them.  A lot of that wait is because the office is not organized properly and everyone is always looking for the necessary supplies.  Once the doctor or office manager has to spend time looking for something, it increases the time the patient must sit there waiting.

You can purchase hospital shelves with or without storage bins.  Our hospital shelving racks start at 54” high and go to 86” tall.  The dimensions of each individual shelf vary and there is an available option for any size room, whether it’s the exam room, operating room, waiting room, supply room or stock room.  Mobile kits are easily added to the bottom of any existing shelving unit to make it a mobile shelf.  We recommend that you first decide if you want shelves with bins or just the shelves and then start narrowing down the size options based on the rooms you will be using them in. 

Hospital Storage

If you’d like help selecting the perfect organization solution for your hospital, give us a call.  We have helped fill many hospitals and doctor’s offices with our storage bins and shelves. 

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