With Hurricane Sandy rapidly approaching, this is a great time to discuss keeping your valuables safe during a time of panic and chaos.

When you first start to hear of a potential hurricane coming your way, most people initially brush it off and don't worry.  The natural human response is "nothing's going to happen to me" or "this is just going to be another media panic for nothing".  A lot of the time that is true.  However, as it gets closer to landfall, and you start to realize you're in the storm's path, you will then regret taking all of the warning so lightly.

The first thing people do when they actually start to fear the hurricane is stock up on supplies.  For many people, this means going to the local grocery store and buying water, batteries, flashlight, candles etc...  But what about the important materials you keep in your home that are very valuable to you?  You need to ensure that valuable are safe, and that's why we recommend attached lid containers and totes.

Attached Lid Containers are heavy-duty totes with hinged lids.  The lids on these plastic containers flip outwards and provide easy access to what's inside of them.  Attached Lid Containers can stack on top of each other and can also nest inside of one another when they're empty.

When it comes time to start packing up and evacuating, our advice would be to only take with you the critical items.  Chances are your property will not be ruined, and your belongings will not be trashed, but do you want to take the chance on your most important stuff?  I wouldn't.  For that reason, we keep Attached Lid Boxes and Containers handy and ready to be filled with our most important belongings.

Watch this video below that shows you just how our heavy-duty attached lid containers work!