Being a mother is a 24 hour, 7 day a week job. There's never a dull moment. From the time your kids are born to the time they leave the house, they will typically rely on you for multiple things. Some good, some bad. One thing you should teach your kids at a young age is how to stay neat and organized. If you don't preach organization to your children when they're young, their lives will be messy and cluttered forever.

To help teach our children about being organized, and how to be organized, we decided to use some plastic storage bins and containers in various areas of the house. Whenever the kids picked up a new hobby, we'd give them a bin for it. For example, when my daughter Katie started to get into photography, we gave her a plastic bin and told her that this was to be used to hold all of her photography-related equipment. Whenever she'd come home from school, she'd go grab her photography bin and start using the contents for her projects. Whenever she was finished for the night, simply place the film and exposures and even the camera back into the bin and place it in her closet.

When Kenny first started to play basketball, we got him stackable bins and let him know that this was to hold all of his equipment. Whenever Kenny wasn't playing basketball, the bin would stay filled with his sneakers, mouth guard, arm sleeves and headbands. Whenever it was game time, we never wasted time looking for his stuff. Kenny always knew where that bin was located and was always able to grab it immediately.

Kenny and Katie are now all grown up and each have two beautiful children of their own. When I go over to their houses for dinner or a holiday, you should see the smile on my face when i see each of my grandchildren using these same storage techniques, ideas & supplies that I taught to their parents many years ago. It's also great to see my children having a neat and organized home!

plastic storage bins


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