Professionals in the healthcare industry have always strived to be more organized and efficient.  As a doctor or a dentist, the last thing you want to do is waste time dealing with an issue that is not critical.  If you only had to see patients, and not be a problem solver in the office, it would enable you to see more patients in a day, and that means a more successful practice.  One of the best ways to maximize your hospital or office’s potential is to stay organized in all facets of the business.  At Monster Bins, we have been helping doctors, dentists, hospitals and pharmacies figure out the best possible storage solutions for their offices since 2004.  When you hear the term Medical Bins and Storage Containers (click this link to view our medical storage solutions ), Monster Bins should be synonymous.

When we get a phone a call from a doctor or dentist, or even the office manager, we know how critical it is to help you find the best possible storage solution for your needs.  We have the largest selection of Medical Storage Containers and Bins, anywhere.  In the following few paragraphs I will walk you through some of our most popular medical bin solutions.

When you refer to Medical Bins, chances are you are talking about either stackable bins, shelf bins or tip out bins.  Our stackable storage bins are used everywhere from the administrative office to the exam rooms.  These containers are heavy duty and will hold all of your medical supplies.  When you want to grab a supply or a file from one of the bins, just reach your hand in and pull it out.  These bins are designed with an open front so that pulling supplies is simple.  The most beneficial feature of our stackable medical bins is that they also can be hung from panels or rails.  They are manufactured with a small lip on the back of them that allows them to hook onto a louvered panel and hang from there. 


Stackable Medical Bins


In the photo above you’ll notice that this doctor decided to use the stackable bins as hanging bins.  Each storage bin that is on the panel is serving a different purpose, and it is color coded.  The red bins are being used to hold paperwork, the yellow bins are holding supplies and from what I can see, the green bins are holding a combination of other items that the doctors in this office frequently use.  This doctor’s supply room is full of medical bins and they have advised us that it has helped them immensely. 

Another style of storage containers that are popular in the healthcare industry are our economy shelf bins.  They’re referred to as economy bins due to their low costs.  Since these bins can’t hang or stack, they don’t require as much material to manufacture and therefore they have a low price tag.  Don’t let the low cost fool you, doctors and pharmacists use these bins every single day.  In fact, they have even adopted the name pharmacy bins after so many pharmacists have begun using them in their pharmacies.  When pharmacy bins are not in use, simply nest them inside of each other and put them away in the supply room until you have a need for them again.  That’s one of the best features of these storage bins, according to the pharmacists we’ve spoken with.  Pharmacy bins are used to hold everything from medications to tools to surgical masks.

Plastic Pharmacy Bins

The last style of medical bins that I'm going to discuss right now are our clear tip out bins, also commonly referred to as dental bins.  Dental Bins are long bins that are broken down into little compartments.  Each compartment has a clear cup that tilts outwards at a 45 degree angle.  You will find our dental bins in all healthcare facilities, from dentist's offices to hospital supply rooms to exam and operation rooms.  The best part of these is that you can always monitor your inventory and know when something is running low and needs to be replenished.  Also, you never have to search for the right supplies as you can just glance at your bins and see what is located where.  Dental bins are typically hung from the wall using our frames or rails.  We can help you configure the perfect setup for the available space that you have.  Most doctors and dentists use these bins in multiple rooms in their office.  View the pictures below and you will see exactly why these dental bins are so wonderful for all healthcare facilities.

Dental Bins in Use  Different angle view of Dental Bins

As a professional in the HealthCare industry, it's only a matter of time before you realize the need to be organized and keep a clean office.  When that happens, we're just a phone call away.  Monster Bins is the leader in providing medical bins and storage containers to all healthcare facilities.  We offer the largets selection, lowest prices, fastest shipping and the best service.  On top of all that, we will accept your purchase orders.  Just call us, fax us or email us and we'll have your hospital or office looking clean, organized and beautiful in no time!


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