Everyone uses storage bins and containers for something.  Whether you are using them at home or at work, storage bins are very useful in helping you remain organized and keep track of certain items.  There’s no shortage of people that are using plastic bins, and no area that they couldn’t be helpful in.  Recently, one of our customers alerted us that there was a recent NBA Cares charity event with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  They were helping out their local community and the local youth, and in the photos that began circulating, you can see how they are making use of plastic storage bins at their charity event.  As you can see in the photo below, the Oklahoma City Thunder filled up storage bins and containers with supplies and brought them to the charity event.  You can see NBA superstar casually using these storage bins to make the storage and distribution of the supplies they’re giving away much easier.  Rather than having to carry the supplies individually, they just fill up a container and take it with them.  These plastic containers provide an easy way for the players and volunteers to reach in and take the supplies out.

Kevin Durant Using Plastic Bins