If you’re anything like me, you like to keep track of everything going on in your office or your house.  I guess you can call me a control freak!  However, I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  I think that knowing everything about everything is important in helping me make sure I’m never caught off guard.  This applies to my everyday life at work and even at home.  For this reason, I use small parts bins in my everyday life to make inventory and supplies one less concern for me.

Parts bins are an extremely economical method for maintaining inventories and keeping track of any important supplies.  If you are no longer concerned with being caught off guard without the necessary supplies, you can spend your time focusing on something more important!  Like I said earlier, people (as well as myself) use these shelf bins at home and at work.  I will give you some examples of how to best use these bins in any setting.

At work, parts bins are going to be a massive help, regardless of what industry you’re in.  Let’s use the HealthCare industry as our first example.  I know that when I go to my doctor’s office, the most important thing to me is how comfortable I feel.  The last thing that I’d want to see is an office that is terribly unorganized.  An unorganized doctor’s office is a scary thought.  Imagine you went in for a sore throat and there were no tongue depressors in the office.  I’d probably never go back.  If this doctor’s office was using our shelf bins, they (or the office manager) would have immediately recognized when their inventory was running low and they could have ordered more.  If the tongue depressors are in stock, I can get the proper treatment, and be a happy patient/customer.  If I’m a happy customer/patient, I’ll be back.  If not, I won’t be back.  That issue could have all been avoided by using some storage bins.

Our next example of where these shelf bins will be helpful is in a warehouse.  Let’s say that you are in the electronics business and you have an enormous warehouse full of products.  Wouldn’t you like to simplify the process of being able to locate each part?  Let’s use batteries as an example.  If your store has sold out of AA batteries, but there is a ton of stock in your warehouse, wouldn’t you want to get some stock into the storefront as quickly as possible?  Well if you use parts bins, you can simply color code the warehouse so that you know yellow bins are holding the AA batteries, while the red shelf bins are holding the AAA batteries and the blue bins are holding D batteries.  If this was implemented in your business, you will never have customers leaving thinking a product is out of stock simply because you weren’t able to replenish the inventory quickly enough.

So now you see some ways that using plastic parts bins can help your business grow and have the ability to handle the growth.  A business that is growing is a good thing.  A business that can handle the growth their experiencing is a great thing.  And handling the growing pains is much easier if you’re organized!

Stay tuned for our next post about how you can use storage bins in your home to simplify your day to day activities.

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