Monster Bins® is often referred to as the organization store or the bin store.  When you are in need of organizing your materials, or cleaning up your junk, select a plastic container from us & your task will be simple.  Whether this container is for your office or for home storage, it will be incredibly beneficial as well as easy on the eyes. 

Our customers call us the organization store because of our selection of storage solutions.  We stock everything from small totes to large plastic bins to wire shelving units to stainless cabinets and medical carts.  Regardless of what industry you are in, or what area of your house could use some storage containers, we’ve got a plastic storage container for you!  We have some cheap plastic bins  as well as some of the largest storage containers around.

You can find our large plastic bins and colored plastic totes in use all over the world.  We deal with hospitals, pharmacies and doctor's offices all day long.  In these healthcare settings, these storage totes, with or without lids, are used to hold and transport critical supplies.  When you are a patient in the hospital, you will certainly appreciate that your nurse or doctor has a large plastic bin with all of their supplies handy, rather than having to go search for it.  Time is critical in these situations, and a clear or colored storage tote could literally save your life!  Plastic Bins with Lids are great for storing sensitive materials that you want to keep away from dust and particles.  Plastic bins with lids are often found in pharmacies as well as for inventory purposes in many stores, regardless of industry.

We carry large plastic bins, clear storage totes, colored plastic totes, storage totes with lids, industrial shelving units, wire shelves  & plastic bin storage racks.  Order any of our organization solutions and your mess will be gone in no time!  We're not known as the bin store and organization store for nothing, so give us a shot and you'll be a happy customer!