We recently launched our photo contest where our customers have the opportunity to send us pictures showing how they are using our products and in return we will give them 5% off of their next order.  It looks like more and more people are liking the discount they get and now the pictures are flowing in, rapidly!

This next photo comes from one of our customers in the firearms industry.  They own a firearms shop and they go traveling across the country attending gun shows.  They contacted us one day and asked us how we can help them store and move all of their products from show to show, as well as how to display their stuff at the show.

We suggested that they use some plastic bins as this would kill two birds with one stone.  Not only can they easily and efficiently transport their products from store -> van -> show -> van -> next show -> van -> next show etc... but they can display their products at the shows in the same exact bins!  We helped them pick out the proper size and the proper style.  They went with the Parts Bins as well as the Stackable Bins as they say it has worked out perfectly!  Below is the photo that they sent us of our bins holding their products at one of the Gun Shows.

Any of the bins that you see nested inside of each other (some of the red ones) are our Economical Parts Bins.  The blue ones on the right are our heavy duty stacking & hanging bins.


Plastic Bins in use at the Gun Show


Click the links above to view or purchase the plastic storage bins that are shown in the above photo, and remember, we have a low price guarantee!