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Everyone can benefit from the use of plastic storage bins  Whether you need them for around the house, your office, supply room or even your warehouse, storage bins are a highly efficient and economic way to store all of your parts and supplies.  I know that you’re probably thinking that buying a cardboard box would work fine and save you money, but what you’re not realizing is that cardboard will get worn out and will need to be replaced constantly.  When you buy a storage bin from Monster Bins, that bin will last your lifetime.  So, which bins are best for storing your parts?  Let’s discuss…

Warehouse Storage Bins

When you are in need of organizing and storing parts in a warehouse, there are two great options of parts bins for you to choose from.  First, we have the stackable storage bins.  These storage bins can stack on top of each other, hang from a panel or rail (they have a built in lip on the back), rest on a shelving unit or just be used by itself as a stand-alone storage bin.  The ability to be used multiple different ways is what makes our stackable storage bins such a great option for a warehouse.  Fill the storage bin with parts, put it on the shelf, and simply remove it from the shelf when you need those parts. 

Regardless of where you work, or what industry you’re in, everyone can benefit from using economic shelf bins, also known as parts bins, for storage.  When you are not organized, it leads to lost parts/supplies and lost time trying to find these misplaced items.  Parts Bins will make sure that you are never wasting time searching for valuable supplies that should always be within reach.  These parts bins can nest inside of each other when they are completely empty which helps you maximize your space, and in turn, your efficiency.  These are the best alternative to cardboard since they are easily washable and will not get worn out from heavy use.  While you may save some money buying cardboard boxes the first time around, you will constantly have to replace these cardboard boxes and that will make them significantly more expensive than our parts bins.  The standard shelf bin sizes are 4 or 6 inches high.  Parts bins are commonly referred to as shelf bins because they will sit perfectly on your shelving unit or counter top.

Both styles of storage bins that we’ve discussed so far, the stackable parts bins and the shelf bins, have optional dividers which allow you to store multiple parts within one bin.  The best part about these storage bins is that they come in multiple colors so you can easily color coordinate your warehouse.  Keep screws and bolts in the yellow bins, tools and supplies in the red bins, and important packaging labels in the blue bins.  You can setup an efficient and low cost assembly line just by using our parts bins.

 Warehouse Shelving and Bins

Storage Bins for Parts Storage

Supply Room Storage Bins

Now that we’ve gotten the best options for warehouses out of the way, let’s discuss your supply room.  Regardless of what industry you’re in, you need your supply room to be neat, organized and clutter free.  Your supply room is typically not seen by your customers or patients, but it is extremely critical to keep it neat and organized so that you can provide the fastest and best service to your customers.  To get your supply room organized and easy to navigate, we suggest using clear storage bins.  When you use clear storage bins, you will always know where specific parts or supplies are located and you won’t have to waste critical time while you search for these parts.  In a healthcare setting, this is extremely important since emergencies occur out of nowhere and doctors and nurses need to act immediately.  Imagine if a Dr. couldn’t help their patients properly because they couldn’t locate the proper parts or supplies.  That would be very unfortunate for both the patient and the doctor.  This is why clear storage bins are great for healthcare professionals as well as any professionals that use supply rooms.  Our most commonly used supply room storage bins are our clear parts bins (both stackable and non-stacking, depending on how you intend to use them) as well as our clear tip out bins.  These clear bins can be used in a number of different ways to help you maximize your efficiency and provide the fastest and greatest service for your customers.  Your customers will remember the level of service they received when they came to your store or office and if you performed well, they will be back!  Let our clear storage bins help you keep your business running smoothly and your customers/patients coming back.

Clear Supply Room Bins

Supply Room Storage Solutions

We’ve discussed the best storage solutions for warehouses and supply rooms, keep checking back as our next update will be about the best options for your home, office, home-office and garage.  Keep in mind that Monster Bins only sells the highest quality plastic bins that are made in the U.S.A.  We have a low price guarantee on our products and the fastest shipping in the industry.  Give us a call if you have any questions or would like any help configuring your warehouse or supply room.  You can always come discuss Plastic Storage Bins with Us at our Google + Page.