Health is extremely important to most people in the world.  When it comes to your own health, you don't want to leave it in the hands of someone who appears un-professional and in-experienced.  If your doctor or pharmacist is clumsy and unorganized, chances are that you will find a new doctor or pharmacy to go to.  That's why pharmacies across the world use Medical Bins to help store all of their important medications and customer files.  One of the most common places that you can find Monster Bins storage bins in use is in a pharmacy.  Pharmacies use storage bins for a number of different things.  Some pharmacies use bins to hold medications, some use them to hold supplies that need to be restocked and some even use plastic bins to store files.  No matter what area of your pharmacy you are looking to clean up and organize, storage bins will be a great resource for you.  Remember, being efficient in a pharmacy is critical, and being organized helps you be as efficient as possible and using Monster Bins Plastic Storage Bins helps you be be organized.  Continue reading below and we'll describe some of the most common storage bins used in pharmacies.

The first type of storage bins for the pharmacy that we'll discuss are the shelf bins, or parts bins.  Plastic shelf bins are a very economical replacement for your worn out and beat up cardboard boxes.  When you use cardboard for a long time, they will start to wear down and begin falling apart.  This will give your customers a bad impression and likely cause them to search for a different pharmacy.  It's hard to charge people high prices for medications when it looks like you have been using cheap supplies.  These reasons are why you will find our shelf bins being used in many pharmacies throughout the world.  Shelf bins are very low cost but they are also extremely reliable.  These bins are made with an open front which allows you to easily reach in and grab whatever supplies you need.  When they are empty, you can nest them inside of each other to conserve valuable space.  Plastic Shelf Bins, which are also referred to as parts bins, are waterproof, providing you with the ability to store a wide variety of materials inside of them.  You don't have to worry about oils or grease leaking in to the bins as they are unaffected by such things.  Lastly, you can color coordinate your pharmacy using these shelf bins.  They are available in Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, Ivory and Green, so you can use one color for one type of medication and another color for other stuff.  The ways in which these plastic parts bins will help organize your pharmacy are endless!

Shelf Bins for Pharmacies

Another type of storage bin that is commonly found in pharmacies are stackable storage bins.  Stacking bins are designed with a lip on the back of them so that they can be hung from louvered rails and panels.  If you are not using them on a rail or panel, simply stack them on top of each other and they will rest securely.  Stackable bins for the pharmacy have grips on the front of them, as well on the back and sides.  These storage bins have label slots on the front of them for easy labeling and identification of what’s inside.  If you need to keep more than one item inside of the bins, and still keep them separated, you can just purchase dividers to use inside of each stacking bin.  Stacking bins start as tiny as 4” deep and go all the way up to 42” long.  The wide variety of sizes ensures that there are plenty of options for your pharmacy. 

Stacking Bins for Pharmacies

The last type of storage containers that I frequently see in pharmacies are the attached lid boxes.  These containers have steel hinged lids attached to them that flip outwards.  Typically, the attached lid containers are used for supplies in the stock room.  The design of these containers makes them ideal for storage and distribution.  The security of them ensures that whatever products you have inside will remain intact. 

When you are trying to improve business, one of the first things you should do is figure out how to improve your efficiency.  In a pharmacy, a critical component to efficiency is organization.  After reading this, you have no excuse to not be organized.  Get yourself some pharmacy or medical bins today and start seeing the benefits immediately!

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