Tired of always having to search for what you need?  Do you wish there was a better way to keep track of all of your supplies?  Would you benefit from a low cost, efficient storage solution?  If you answered yes to any of those questions, plastic storage bins are going to work wonders for you!

There are a significant amount of styles of plastic storage bins to choose from.  The ones I will talk to you about in this post are stackable bins, shelf bins, and clear tip out bins.  There are many different uses for these bins.  Whether you are just looking to organize a little area in your kitchen, basement or any part of your house, or you need your entire parts store or warehouse, any of these three storage bins can & will be very helpful.

The stackable plastic bins are available in many different sizes.  There are 21 sizes to choose from with varying lengths, widths and heights.  They range from 4" in length to 42" long.  These storage bins are made of high quality, heavy-duty polypropolene & are FDA approved.   They are made to be stacked on top of one another.  These plastic bins have a rear lip for hanging on a rail unit or louvered panels & they are waterproof.   Our Plastic Bin have slots for dividers.  You can select from many different colors, making it easy to color coordinate your warehouse, office space or home.  Our Stackable plastic bins are also available in clear or esd conductive.

Similar to the stackable bins we just discussed, plastic shelf bins are made of FDA approved, high density polypropylene as well.  Since shelf bins don’t stack on top of each other, they require less material to be made.  This makes the shelf bins a more economical option than the stackable bins.  These parts bins are readily available in 25 sizes.  They are available with heights of 4” , 6” & 8".  Shelf Bins also have divider slots, allowing you to easily create compartments within each bin.  There are many different color choices to pick from, as well as clear and esd conductive.

Clear tip out bins are a great option for any situation where you will need to know when you are low on any of your inventory.  Tip out bins are made of polystyrene and have clear cups that tilt out at a 90 degree angle.  Since these cups are clear, you can always manage your inventories and also to make it easy to identify and locate your parts.  These tipout bins are a perfect way to keep track of small and or medium sized parts.  Tip Out Bins have also become known as Dental Bins.  They are used by hundreds of dentists and doctors offices across the country. These tilt out bins come in a variety of sizes.  You can choose from Gray, Ivory or White housing.  They are typically hung from wall mounted frames or rails.

When efficiency is important, plastic bins are the solution.  The three styles of plastic bins that we discussed above are the styles that we have found are most helpful for people in all industries.  Whether you need to organize stuff at the office, or want to clean up your home, these bins will always be helpful.  Since they are heavy duty and easily washable, you will not need to spend money on replacement bins!