Your home can get very messy at times.  A messy home leads to chaos and confusion.  Chaos and confusion leads to stress.  Stress leads to a tough day, and a tough day turns into a bad week.  Want to make sure you don’t have a bad day or bad weeks?  Use plastic storage bins around your house to handle your mess.

When you walk into my apartment, the first thing you will notice is an attached lid container.  We keep one of these containers right near the front door and we use it as a shoe basket.  As soon as you enter the apartment, take your shoes or sneakers off and place them inside of the attached lid container.  These totes with attached lids are heavy duty and can withstand the constant abuse of sneakers being thrown in them.   Later, when you are leaving the apartment, just reach into the bin and pull out your shoes. 

Take about 10 steps past that attached lid container and you will find the next instance of plastic storage bins being used in my home as Dog Toy containers.  We have been using a stackable plastic bin in our living room to hold all of our dog’s toys.  My dog loves to make a mess out of his toys.  He doesn’t play with one toy at a time, he likes to lay all of his toys out in the middle of the living room and then play with each one for a little bit.  The stackable bin that we have been using to hold all of his toys is actually very convenient for him.  It has an open front so he can just reach in and pull out whatever he wants.  When he’s done playing, and the living room looks like a disaster, we just pick all of the toys back up, throw them into the plastic bin, and the place is looking spotless again.

The last place that we use storage bins in our apartment is in the guest closet.  We don’t want all of our shelves and storage space to be filled up with our old clothes or our winter clothes.  When it’s time to shop for new clothes, we always make sure to fill up a storage bin with some old clothes and move them into the closet in the guest room.  When it’s summer time, all of the sweaters and jackets get folded up and stored away in a plastic bin.  The clothes are still easily accessible, if need be, they are just out of the way. 

Above are a few examples of how anyone can use plastic storage bins in their homes to help stay organized.  Organization will lead to happiness.  We all know happiness will lead to a better life!