Plastic Bins are helpful in many different situations.  Some people think that plastic bins are only for use in warehouses, they are wrong.  While plastic bins are definitely beneficial in warehouses, they are not limited to them.  They are used by professionals in all industries all over the world.  If you’ve ever been to a pharmacy, you are sure to have seen some form of plastic bins in use behind the counter.  Typically, these bins are resting on a wire shelving unit or are hung on louvered panels.  Pharmacists get a lot of use out of these plastic bins.  They sure help make it easier for them to find exactly what they are looking for.

You can walk into almost any pharmacy in the country and you will see plastic bins being used.  The most common way that pharmacists use these bins is behind their counter to hold their medication.  It makes life easy when you have a system in place.  In pharmacies, these bins are usually resting on wire shelves and are color coded.  For instance, all the blue bins will hold a certain type of medication, while the red ones are holding a medication for a completely different set of problems.  These bins are also available in clear so that you can easily see exactly what is inside of each bin.

Now that we are aware of just how these plastic bins can be helpful to pharmacists, lets discuss the different types of setups that they can install.  All of the options for setting this up are fairly easy.  The first option would be to erect a bunch of wire shelving units throughout the pharmacy.  Once these wire shelving units are setup, you can populate them with these plastic bins.  Like we talked about earlier, you can separate them all by color to make identification much easier.  The next option would be to hang these bins on wall mounted louvered panels or bench racks.  These bins were manufactured with a rear lip that allows these bins to hang off a panel or rack.  Once again, each panel or rack can be color coded to make life easier.

Now you are aware of how plastic bins and wire shelving can be very helpful in a pharmacy.  Shelving and bins are not only used in warehouses, they are used by different people across the world in every different industry.  As long as you enjoy being organized, these solutions will be wonderful for you, regardless of industry.