Why are plastic containers better than cardboard?

Plastic Storage Bins are a wonderful option when compared to cardboard.  Most people tend to think that cardboard is less expensive, what they don’t realize is that you will constantly have to be replacing these cardboard boxes.  After a few months of heavy use, they start falling apart and now you’ve got to shell out more money for replacements.  This is why we say that plastic bins are more economical.  Just buy them once and don’t worry about having to replace them.

Are you attempting to organize your parts warehouse?  If so, don’t waste time and money by using cardboard.  Use plastic containers and get it right the first time!  With our shelf bins, you are able to simply color code your warehouse.  Fill one shelving rack with blue shelf bins and the other with yellow bins.  By color coding your parts, you will not be wasting valuable time looking for what you need.  Shelf bins can be used as stand alone bins or they can be used on a shelving unit.  When these bins are empty, you can just place them inside of one another and save space.  That’s right, these bins are completely nestable.

Shelf Bins in different colors

Do you work in a busy pharmacy where organization is critical?  If so, these shelf bins will be a great help to you and your facility.  Storage bins for the pharmacy are a must!  Don’t just have medication and files laying all over the place, be organized.  There’s nothing scarier than walking into a pharmacy and not feeling comfortable with the pharmacist.  Being unorganized will cause customers to go elsewhere and now your pharmacy is losing money.  This all could have been prevented with the use of pharmacy shelf bins.  I know that I don’t want to shop at a pharmacy where it looks like they went cheap on their storage bins, I want to go to the pharmacy where it looks like they’ve spared no cost to remain the best and most efficient!

Plastic Shelf Bins

Efficiency is important whether you are a big time corporation or a little mom and pop shop.  Nobody enjoys shopping at a place that looks like a mess.  Also, if the store’s employees can’t locate what I came to purchase, chances are I’m not coming back.  All of the above is why everyone needs to use plastic storage bins to get their office/store/house organized.  If you stick with cardboard, you’ll be replacing those boxes in no time.  If you buy plastic bins the first time, you’ll never have to replace them again!