Recently, I’ve heard a lot of people trying to decide how to hold all of their supplies or parts.  When they are trying to decide what’s the best option, they typically get down to two options; plastic bins or cardboard boxes.  While it may appear as though you are going to save money if you go with cardboard, that is not actually the case.  Plastic bins cost a little bit more up front, but will save you tons of money over time since you won’t have to replace the boxes.

The number one replacement for cardboard boxes is parts bins, or shelf bins.  Parts bins are a very economical option for small to medium sized parts storage.  If you don’t want to have to worry about replacing your storage bin, than you should definitely purchase these plastic shelf bins.  These bins are heavy duty and can easily be washed.  Another great feature is the ability to color code your products.  It’s much easier to locate the exact supplies you’re looking for if the bins are color coded.  This is a common practice in warehouses.

Shelf Bins, or parts bins are available in either 4” high or 6” high.  There are many color options, as well as clear.  When shelf bins are empty, they are made to nest inside of one another, which is a great feature since it will help you conserve all of your available space.