Plumbers drive around town in a van full of important parts and supplies.  Without the parts and supplies that a plumber must travel around town with, they wouldn’t be able to complete their work efficiently and that can lead to upset customers.  Upset customer leads to less work and bad word of mouth.  All of that can be avoided and prevented simply by being prepared.  For a plumber, being prepared means being organized.  That’s why plumbers have been using plastic storage bins inside of their vans for many years now.

As a plumber, you know important it is to make sure you always have the right parts and know where they are located.  The last thing you want to do is show up to a job, pull out your over-crowded parts bag and realize you can’t find the proper fittings or pipes.  That’s why a lot of plumbers have been using stacking bins inside of their vans.  These bins are made with a lip on the back that allows them to hang from rails or racks inside the vans.  Inside those bins will be all of your most critical parts.

Just imagine your van with hanging bins lining the back wall.  The bins on the top row are red and they are holding all of your valves.  The second row of bins is yellow and is holding all of your pipes.  Underneath that, there’s a row of blue plastic bins that are holding all of your basic tools like wrenches and clamping tools.  The possibilities are endless.  When it comes to hanging bins and bins for plumbing vans, your best bet is the stackable storage bins.  These bins come in a wide variety of sizes and colors.  The color choices are great so you always know what is where with one quick glance.  Stackable bins have divider slots so half the bin can hold your drains and the other half will hold your plugs.  Or you can use one half for large drains and the other half for your smaller drains. The possibilities are endless. 

Storage Bins for Plumbers

If you’re reading this and asking yourself “how could using plastic storage bins benefit me?” then I’d like you to think about how your currently transporting your tools.  Ask yourself if you’ve ever misplaced or lost one of your tools.  Have you ever showed up for a job and realized you left your tools back at the office?  I’m sure you were embarrassed and I’m also sure that you lost that customer.  In such a competitive industry, you can’t afford to lose customers for silly reasons.

For starters, this would definitely improve the look of your van.  More importantly, it would improve the quality of your work.  By allowing you to be more organized you can be more efficient.  Everyone knows that being efficient is critical to being successful.  That is no different for plumbers!

 If you are looking for plastic storage bins to use in your van, you’ve come to the right place.  We have the largest selection of plastic bins for plumbers anywhere!  Our stackable bins are used by plumbers all over the country.  Plumbers use these bins on racks, hanging from rails, or just stacked on shelves.  Call us now if you need help selecting the right size or for any suggestions.