I’ve been telling you over and over again that plastic bins are used in all industries across the world.  Most people don’t realize it, but we are surrounded by plastic bins everywhere we go.  I can’t tell you the number of times that I see some kind of storage bin in places that I was absolutely not expecting to come across them.  The latest example of places using storage bins to make their workplace more efficient is fast food restaurants.

In the last two weeks, I have noticed our plastic bins being used at a local Burger King as well as a local Wendy’s (I know, I shouldn’t be eating so much fast food!).  While a fast food restaurant is not where you would expect to find plastic bins, they are certainly useful and beneficial in fast paced fast food world. 

At Burger King, they have stackable monster bins on the counter top at the drive-thru window.  It appeared as though they had 3 bins stacked on top of one another (and the bins were in Burger King’s colors).  The bottom bin had sauces inside of them.  The middle bin had straws and the bin on top of the stack had napkins.  The stackable bins are helpful in a fast food setting because they provide a time and space saving way to help get the customers in and out as quickly as possible.  Since the stackable bins have an open front, the woman working at the drive-thru window can simply reach into any of the three and grab the necessary sauce, straw or napkins.  She didn’t have to waste time going to find the sauces that I asked her for, she just reached right into the bin and threw a couple in my bag.  In fact, I even got her to pose for a picture with one of the bins.

Plastic Bins at Burger King

When I was inside of a Wendy’s a few days later, I also noticed that they are using red stacking bins inside of their restaurants.  And just like Burger King, Wendy’s purchased bins in their company color (Red).  At this particular Wendy’s location, they are using smaller stackable bins, and they are using them to hold different items.  They are using one of the stackable bins to hold little salt packets and a different one to hold pepper packs.  The third bin they are using is to hold straws, just like Burger King.  When I walked up to the counter and asked them for barbeque sauce for my nuggets, they pulled a slightly larger plastic bin out from underneath the counter and handed me a few sauces.  I believe they had these bins labeled so they would know which one had the ketchup, which one had bbq sauce and which one had the ranch dressing. 

Plastic Bins at Wendy's

So, I’m not trying to get repetitive here, but you can see how plastic bins will help you be more efficient, regardless of where or how you plan on using them.  I’m sure none of you thought that bins would be very helpful in a fast food restaurant, but they truly are.  It helps speed up the process of getting customers in and out, and that is critical in many restaurants.