Restaurant shelving is something that can be found in almost every single restaurant in the world.  If you walk back in to the kitchen, you are certain to find wire shelves back there.  Some restaurants use shelving units to hold dishes, others to hold tubs for dishes.  Restaurant shelving is highly beneficial in terms of utilizing the available space in your kitchen.  Once you put a wire shelving unit together, you can then take all your FDA Approved tubs and place them on the shelves, freeing up some of the space on the ground.

Using commerical restaurant shelving in your kitchen is essential.   The biggest benefit of restaurant shelves is the ability to help you be organized.  These wire shelving units provide you with a simple, efficient way to keep tracking of all of your inventory and supplies.  Second, they help keep your restaurant clean and neat looking.  When you have inspections, the inspector will happily give your restaurant a passing grade.

When it comes to restaurant shelving, Monster Bins® is the only name you need to know!  Regardless of what your specific setup is, we have a foodservice application for you.  Our Free standing shelving units come standard with 4 posts and 4 wire shelves.  You can add as many shelves to these units as you see fit.  You can pick from a large variety of sizes which allows you to completely utilize all of your available space.  Our shelving units are so aesthetically pleasing, you don’t need to keep them hidden in your kitchen, you can use them on the restaurant floor.  Whether a fancy restaurant, or a fast food shop, wire shelving units will benefit you greatly!