Using Wire Shelving to Upgrade Your Restaurant

If you are the owner of a restaurant or are in charge of upgrading a restaurant due to begin in a managerial role you should know that an easy and affordable option for upgrading your restaurant is to install wire shelving for all of your storage needs. There are many different storage options which you can choose from; however, wire shelves are the most affordable option.  They can be used to provide needed space while also saving you some cash as well.

Wire shelving provides restaurants with a strong and durable storage option that is good enough for even the largest of storage needs. Although these shelves are able to support a large weight capacity, they are easy to install and lightweight.  Most of the time restaurant customers are not able to view the kitchen area,  however, if your restaurant provides an easy view to the kitchen, you will be happy to show off your stylish and sleek restaurant shelving units.

Restaurant Shelving

These strong and sturdy wire shelves allow you to adjust each shelf within the shelf unit individually, according to the size of the items which your restaurant needs to store. Because of the design of these shelf units, you can easily and quickly view all of the items stored on the shelves, saving precious time which is always of the essence in a busy restaurant environment. Chrome shelving units are resistant to dust and other debris. If they do become dirty, they can quickly and easily be cleaned with very little effort at all. All you have to do is wipe them off with a damp rag and they will be as good as new again.

You can also use shelving units and racks in a customized area such as a butcher block to add storage to essential kitchen preparation items. You can typically custom order wire shelving units in all sizes, heights and depths allowing you to completely customize your shelving racks to meet the unique needs of your restaurant. Perhaps you can add some tall wire shelving units in your food storage area while also mounting shelves to the walls in the food preparation area, for easy access to commonly used items.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and customizable storage solution to help upgrade the look of your restaurant, while offering the best storage available, than you should buy Restaurant Shelving from Monster Bins. You will find wire shelving units in a wide variety of heights with varying shelf sizes which can be customized to meet your needs. And if you have small items to store which you need to be able to easily locate, consider adding clear baskets within your wire shelving to store these items neatly.

Another added benefit of wire shelving units which many restaurant owners find comforting is that the shelving racks are safe for areas where the potential for fire is high, such as in a restaurant. In the event of a fire, these wire shelves can be ideal because the slots in the shelving allows the water from the restaurants sprinkler system to easily pass between the shelves and eliminate the fire in the area more effectively. So, if you want to upgrade your restaurant, and make it both beautiful and stylish while also being both safe and efficient, then wire shelving racks are just the upgrade that you have been looking for.

Restaurant Shelves at Five Guys

Wire shelving units can provide both style and functionality. They are stylish enough to display in areas where customers will see them and durable enough to store even your heaviest of items so you can be sure that they are a one size fits all solution for all of your restaurant storage needs. And don’t forget to look into chrome shelving as well for a more stylish finish on your wire shelving if you are looking for a sleek and stylish look when upgrading your restaurants storage facilities.

You can also purchase additional items to compliment your new wire shelving unit such as shelf mats, which will eliminate the problem of items falling in between the slots, casters for the bottom of the shelves to make them easier to move and cart covers which protect the contents of the shelf units. So, the next time you want to upgrade your restaurant, you should look into the beautiful and versatile wire shelving units that are available on the market today.  They are the best storage option for your restaurant. And remember, whether your storage needs are large or small, there are shelving racks made to suit your needs.


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