A great way to be more productive is to set up a home office for you to continue working from when you leave the real office.  This will ensure that you’re never bored again.  Whenever you have nothing else to do, you can always go in to your little office and get some work done.  If you are a small business owner, or just an ambitious employee, this is pretty much a necessity.  You never want anyone, whether a co-worker or a competitor to outwork you, since that will mean that they are most likely out-producing you as well.  When setting up this little space in your house, I think you will definitely benefit from using wire shelves with plastic bins.

Wire Shelves with Bins

Wire shelving systems are great for all of your storage.  Don’t have room for a filing cabinet or two?  You don’t need them anymore because you can use stacking plastic bins on these wire shelving units.  There are a ton of different size options to choose from.   You can customize both the height of the posts as well as the length and width of the actual shelves.  It’s easy to add more shelves as you need.  Another good thing about these in a home office setting is that they are nicer to look at than filing cabinets.  You won’t get as much grief from the wife for having a messy office.

The plastic storage bins will be great for your home office.  They serve so many different purposes.  Some are small enough that you could use one on your desk for loose items such as paperclips, pens, highlighters and things like that.  The best way that these plastic storage containers will benefit you is to hold all of your paperwork, then be stored on your wire shelving system.  Plastic stacking bins are perfect for this.  First off, they are dividable.  This means that you can hold different type of paperwork in one bin without mixing them up.  They stack on top of each other and take up less space.  The come in all different colors to match your office.  Pick the size that best fits you.  Whatever you wind up selecting, it will be extremely beneficial to you and your home office.

Shelving units with storage bins

To make setting this home office up a little easier, consider purchasing a complete setup that comes with shelves and bins.  There are tons of different options to choose from.  You can get pre-configured shelving units with shelf bins or stacking bins.  Would you prefer clear bins?  We have shelving units with clear bins also!  Any of these solutions will make your life and your work much easier and keep your home clean and organized.

If you follow the steps above you will have a simple storage solution for your home office.  This will make the office look neat and clean, and help you to be more efficient.  Make sure no one outworks you anymore, and bring in the best results for your company.