Why Wire Shelving is a Popular Option in Medical Facilities

One of the main reasons why wire shelving is such a popular option with medical facilities such as hospitals, doctor’s office and medical supply stores is because it offers a strong, reliable and sleek look. Using shelving units to hold your medical bins is the best way to organize supplies so that they are easy to find and readily available. The ease of accessibility that wire shelves offer is one of the main selling points of these units and is why doctors, nurses and all professionals in the medical industry tend to use them for their storage needs in hospitals and doctors’ offices alike.

Another great thing about chrome wire shelving is that it is customizable to fit the many different storage needs from small doctors’ offices to large hospitals.  You can adjust the shelves on the rack so that the height of each shelf meets the needs of your particular office.  The size and shape of medical supplies can vary, so it only makes sense to choose shelving that can be easily adjusted.

You can purchase chrome shelving units that hold medical supplies in many different sizes and four different heights.  You can even purchase convenient add on units to increase the size of your existing storage rack.  The individual shelves range from 12” x 36” to 36” x 72”.  

Many doctor’s offices and hospitals purchase complete packages of shelves and storage bins which can be used in patient rooms, waiting rooms, operating rooms and emergency rooms.  You can purchase the racks and bins together or customize your own setup to meet your exact specifications. 

If additional shelves are needed for your medical supplies then you can get additional shelves separately.  Ease of accessibility is the key to an efficient and effective doctor’s office or hospital and wire shelving units can help create the most effective storage option available.  Wire shelving is definitely one of the most versatile types of shelving available and this is why it is the most popular choice with many doctors and hospitals already. It is meant to be expanded upon according to the individual storage needs of the medical facility and is able to be easily cleaned due to the easy to clean materials of chrome shelving. You can even purchase casters to add to the bottom of the wire shelving units so that they are easily able to be moved and transported as needed.

So if you work in a medical facility or doctor’s office and are looking for solutions to your storage problems, wire shelving is the best choice for you.  If you would like to protect your wire shelving racks from airborne bacteria, just purchase nylon shelving covers.  These are designed to protect your shelves from both dust and airborne contaminates to keep medical supplies clean!